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While everyone is grabbing a certain smoky shadow palette this week, there is another palette you should be considering instead. A palette that offers shadows that are the same or better, with more versatile colors and that gives you a chance to pick your own palette. Don't follow the herd*, create your own style!

The new Buxom Customizable Eye Shadow Bar gives you the flexibility to build whatever palette you want. Each palette holds six shadows, or you can buy singles with or without a case. The shadows are buttery, rich, long wearing and complex. The colors are far from flat and the textures offer endless ways to play up your eyes.

When you check out this collection in stores, it's divided into two main shadow categories: nudes and everything else. The nudes are beautiful (get Silk Sheets). But you probably have a lot of them already, since nude shadows have been the isht for the last two years. The shadows you need to consider are the non-nudes. The purples, the roses, the peaches, the silvers and golds. Because wow. They are amazing on the eyes.

My favorite simple combo is Patent Leather (sparkling blackberry, above, left) and Invite Only (matte pastel peach, above, second from right). It's so easy, but that blackberry and peach play together so nicely. It's a really fast way to make your eyes pop.

The combinations are endless and picking your palette is so fun. But if all of that is too much work for you, my lucky little sister, grab one of the pre-made palettes and rock your look. With forty shades to pick from, picking just six is the hardest thing you'll have to do at Sephora this summer.

Pre-configured goodness or picking your own six and a case will set you back $40.00. Individual shadows are $12 each. Grab these. They are gorgeous!

*no shade intended. I bought it, too.

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