Rethink Texture and Color with Smashbox Double Exposure

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With so much attention to the "Nakeds", it's easy to miss the other standout palettes of the season. If you really want a versatile palette, look no further than Smashbox's own Double Exposure palette.

This palette contains fourteen shades, all of which are not nudes. Some are lighter and some are darker, but nude they are not. When you apply any of the 14 shades wet, you'll instantly get a shadow that reacts in one of four ways--deeper, more vibrant, metallic or with major sparkle.

And these aren't your typical shadows that get prettier when you apply them wet (or foil them). They were developed to react differently than most shadows to water.

Check out the swatches to see what I'm talking about.
How pretty is that? This palette contains endless options, especially if you want to create a monolid (one color) with depth. Not many other palettes can do that as well as Double Exposure. I'm also loving the simplicity of doing a simple two shadow lid, but applying the colors both wet and dry. Don't just think about lid, crease and brow. Think about texture as a color. TEXTURE AS ITS OWN COLOR.

The middle silvery shade is one of my favorite colors ever and works as a shimmery base everywhere. The only color that didn't wow me was the black. It's a little patchy in its inky darkness. It would work well as a liner and as a dry shadow. It's not my favorite wet. All of the other colors are perfection.

Cool, right? Grab it for $52 anywhere Smashbox is sold.

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  1. This is one of my all-time favorite palettes since I bought it last fall. The colors are just so so so pretty and play well together. They blend beautifully, are gorgeous both wet and dry... I'd marry this palette if I could.

  2. Totally gorgeous makeup look! I would definitely say that 4 of those shades count as "nude," though.


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