Makeup Wars: Our Favorite New Items, Right Now

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This week's Makeup Wars is fun! What are our favorite new items? I don't even know where to begin. There are so many things on my vanity...

Best New Hair: This isn't really new, but if you have frizzy hair (from damage) and need something to calm the hair, the ApHogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer is the best keratin spray, ever. I forgot to use it for about two weeks (four washes). My hair turned into a monster. I remembered and started using it again and my hair is back to looking lovely.

Runner Up: This odd little hair primer from Rusk. Heatshift is actually a re-styling cream that is applied to damp hair after you shampoo. It strengthens the hair, cuts blowdry time and allows you to easily go from curly to straight and back again, all without re-washing the hair. It's a curious little product, that is for sure.

Best New Skincare: I'm in love with Sunday Riley oils. I can't help it. My skin looks so good when I use them. Luna is my favorite.  It's a retinol/oil with zero side effects. You'll wake up glowing within a few days. I'm addicted. (Price tag be damned!)

Best New Makeup: My favorite new makeup item is STILL Cover FX Cover Drops. I'm still using it daily, despite having newer foundation items to try. I love how I control the coverage and the base it's mixed in. On days when I feel more dry, I can blend a few oils together to create the perfect base. On days when I want more coverage, I can add an extra drop. It's just perfect.

Runner Up: Colour Pop's Smoke N Whistle's Highlighter is gorgeous. It's perfect for adding a touch of glow to even the most pale skin. I need backups, stat.

Want more inspiration? Click the Makeup Wars tiles below and see what else you can't live without!

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  1. I am so intrigued by that CoverFX stuff. It looks so cool!


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