Four Products To Tame Frizz Now

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Who isn't sick of hair that inflates when the weather isn't perfect? So many products claim to fight frizz, but do they really?

Check out these four products that bring more that slick advertising to the frizz fight.

Living Proof Straight Spray: Ever wish there was just a chemical that would transform your hair, remove the frizz and make it manageable? OFPMA is that chemical and is the signature ingredient in most of Living Proof's line. The Straight Spray is heat activated so when blow drying (or curling, I imagine it) helps smooth your style, repel dirt and protect your hair from that heat styling. I'm gobsmacked by how well this works. Sephora, $29

ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Reconstructurizer Spray: This spray is also applied to wet hair. It helps to strengthen hair, fill in damaged areas and reduce frizz. It works best when used in conjunction with a heat tool, but be careful not to overdo the heat styling on damaged hair. Sally's Beauty, $8

Davines Oi: This nourishing oil fixes almost everything that ails the hair. Roucou oil helps fight frizz, detangles, adds superior shine and makes hair feel so soft (and it smells great, too!). Birchbox, $41

Living Proof Satin Hair Serum: This doesn't contain silicones or oils so it won't wear your hair down. It utilizes their Sera-Smooth Complex, which keeps hair under control and is never heavy. Satin Hair Serum adds shine and controls frizz, without flattening out your style. Sephora. $29

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