Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector Is Flawless

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I'm obsessed with this Under Eye Brightening Corrector from Becca. It's not only amazing under the eye for brightness, but apply it under (or over) foundation for a radiant effect where you want a little highlight. It's not shimmery, just brightening. While it's a little thicker than a usual concealer, I'm not having any issues with caking. It wears forever and looks amazing. 

When I stopped by Ulta to check it out, I was warned that it is too thick and people were unhappy with the texture. I'm not sure what they were talking about. It's a little on the sticky side, but it clings flawlessly to skin and is a beautiful highlighter / brightener. A little goes a long way and this little pot will last forever. I'm very fair and while this is a little too salmon-y to use as a concealer on its own, it's perfect under or over foundation--even if you don't add any other concealer. 

I apply it  below my eyes, in the center of my forehead above my nose, on the nose and on the middle of my chin using a dampened beauty blender. I find that this method gives me the most natural look and is the easiest way not to overdo the highlighting thing. 

It's currently sold out at Sephora, but you can still grab it from other beauty retailers. It's a great find if the color works for you; I really hope this stays permanent. It's amazing and might be the best $35.00 spent (recently).

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