Makeup Wars: Eddie Funkhouser Lipsticks & Lipglosses

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I have a lipstick addiction. So when the Makeup Wars teams decided they needed me to try out some lippies by makeup artist/creator Eddie Funkhouser, I jumped at the chance. Eddie gets the chance to travel the world and chat with women everywhere about what they want out of their makeup. The result? Gorgeous colors, elegant formulas and products that deliver without breaking the bank. (I'm still in love with his eyeliners!)

Some of my favorites in his line are the lipsticks and glosses. Super pigmented, never drying or sticky and long wearing are where the line begins. The colors are thoughtful, beautiful and a little complex. The glosses are perfect for layering without feeling too thick or goopy, yet work just fine on their own. The lipsticks feel like a smooth, hydrating lip butter, but without all of the messy application, sliding around or bleeding.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Innuendo is a gorgeous nude for fair women. It's not muddy or too taupe. It's just right.

I love adding the gloss Meow Meow on top for a little extra oomph. Need a higher impact nude? Add a little bit of liner lightly and it's perfect.

Stolen Kisses is a perfect weekend nude gloss. It's just enough color to look put together without looking overdone or stuffy. It's just the right bit of your lips but better, with a little sparkle.

Belle De Jour is a color I knew I would hate. A crazy bright pink? No thank you. Until I tried it. I can't believe the pigment, the sheen and how gorgeous a color this bright can be in real life.

I was also convinced I would loathe Strip Search, a Chromographic lip color. A bright magenta on my face? Not gonna happen. I wore it out several days and got more compliments about how "awake my face" looked and "how bright" my eyes were. I even got "well-rested" one day, and we all know that's bullsh*t. Those compliments are all because of the multi-dimensional particles in the creamy finish. It's unexpected and gorgeous. This is going to be my spring color. (Grab Belle De Jour and Strip Search as a duo!)

Grab some for yourself. Eddie Funkhouser is sold at and The above lippies retail between $10.99 and $11.99.

Still need more reasons to haul some Eddie Funkhouser? Click on the tiles below for more inspiration from the Makeup Wars Warriors.

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