Lipstick League: What Perfume Do You Wish You Could Bring Back?

This is up for grabs on Ebay for about $124. Insanity. But gods did I love it. 

Question of the Week: Have any of your favorite fragrances been discontinued? If you had the ability to bring back any discontinued fragrances, what would they be? Way back in the day, I was really into perfumes. Maybe it's something in my schnoz, but I can't smell the same way anymore, so perfumes don't hold the same allure for me that they used to. You know what perfume I loved? I mean LOVED? Victoria Secret's Pear Glace. That was the SAUCE. You?

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  we heartsters, if you had the ability to bring back any discontinued fragrances, what would they be?
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  1. Definitely Avon's Hawaiian White Ginger!

  2. Definitely Avon's Hawaiian White Ginger!

  3. sherryortizconcepcionMarch 8, 2015 at 7:23 PM

    Victoria's Secret Moonlight Magic! 😉

  4. Calandre from Paco Rabanne -- it's what I wore as a teenager.


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