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Ever feel like no matter what you do, your makeup isn't working? Like you just don't have the skills to beat face like the makeup aficionado you know you are? I was starting to wonder if I needed to take a class in blending or pay someone to re-teach me how to do my brows. I wasn't happy with anything.

I started realizing that I needed better light in my makeup room. It had to be the light, right? So I researched the best kind of light (sunlight, obvs.) and how to fake it (get bulbs with a high CRI of 90 or more) and position them directly in front of your face. It's such a process to set up and figure out. Plus, the mirror I was using was too small with no magnification. And the space I use to get ready is tiny, so I don't have room for a big mirror with bulbs that surround the frame.

After chatting with my friends in the Lipstick League, I starting thinking about upping my makeup mirror to something that would fix everything. The SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror offers an 8" mirror with 5X magnification and true daylight bulbs that you never have to change. And it's $200. Ouch. All of my friends swear by this mirror and they gently convinced me that it would be the best $160 ever spent at Bed, Bath and Beyond. I downloaded a coupon, considered this the most crazy purchase ever and grabbed one of the last ones on the shelf at my neighborhood BB&B,

Oh. My. Gods.

Paula from Older Girl Beauty was right. This was not going to be good for my sanity. The first time I sat down to do my makeup, I took off my foundation and did it again. Then my brows were a mess and I re-did them twice. Finally, an hour later, I was able leave my new mirror.

This was a terrible mistake.

Until I looked in a regular mirror. WHOA. My makeup was flawless. I looked like one of those pinterest guru's with their perfectly blended shadow and fierce brows. (Well, sort of. Let's not get crazy.) I've never gotten so many compliments as I did that first day.

The SimpleHuman Sensor Mirror automatically turns on and off when you face the mirror. This means if you stop looking in the mirror for a few seconds, the mirror will turn off. While this doesn't bother me, if you move around a lot while getting ready, this might be annoying. If you leave this mirror in your bedroom and the cat discovers it, you may decide you hate it. The 5X magnification is perfect for being able to see your entire face at once, at a large size. However, it won't work as a stand alone mirror if you need to use it for your hair.

This mirror also doesn't need to be plugged in. It charges via a USB and one charge lasts for about 5 weeks (so the box says). You don't need to change the LED bulbs, possibly ever. There is one small button on the bottom of the mirror that can turn the mirror off, should the cat end up causing a problem.

Overall, if you are serious about makeup or if your eyesight isn't as great as it used to be (or a bit of both), this mirror is a true game changer. It might be one of my favorite purchases of all time.

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  1. I've seen a similar one in Bed Bath and Beyond. My friend and I were admiring it and noting how clear the image is and I wanted one, but the price made me put it back. I have a 10x mirror and need the xx's for doing my makeup as without my glasses I can't see squat. It was exactly like the one I have now. except mine does not have lighting. I am wondering how this 5x mirror is in comparison?

    1. I got mine at BB&B, so maybe it's the same one? It's amazing.

  2. Lighting is terribly important, and something most people never think about. Not just the amount of light, but the temperature of that light. Most "normal" bulbs are either skewed warm (incandescent) or cool (fluorescent). I like the Reveal bulbs, relatively inexpensive, yet give true color. Another consideration is light balance.. having the same amount of light on both sides of your face. Floor/desk/clamp lamps are a good solution in many spaces.
    I do my makeup standing up in the bathroom, and a wall mounted magnifying mirror was the best $5 I ever spent. It's on a hinge so you can adjust it or swing it out of the way if you want. Mounted it at the perfect level for my face.

    1. It's so hard to get right!! That's awesome that you found such an elegant solution!

  3. SimpleHuman tends to make outrageously expensive stuff that - unfortunately for our wallets - does actually perform. I'm not sure if the on/off with the sensor might drive me bonkers, though. How tall is it, do you know offhand? The non-lighted magnifying mirror I use now is the absolute perfect height for me to be able to see my face properly when it's sat on my taller dresser. And I just use the mirrored closet doors for everything else!

    1. I'm not sure how tall it is...I'll try to remember to measure it when I get home! I can't seem to find it's height in a description online. It's pretty standard though. It doesn't strike me as any taller or any shorter than any other mirror I've used.


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