A Solution To Make Fried Hair Healthy (Looking) Again!

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I write about hair and keeping it healthy. A lot. This is mainly because I'm obsessed with my own mane. My hair usually has the texture of cotton candy. Since I went blond, it's really dry and on one side of my head. The hair right below my temples has always been a different texture and it's always made me crazy. Back when I used to get perms, I carried a tube of hair grease with me. I can't remember what it was called (you can still buy it, though!) but it was like lady Brylcreem. Yuck.

Oils weren't tackling my cotton candy frizz and neither were any of the my other usual solutions. Don't get me wrong, my method for making the most of my hair post-blond is pretty solid. But that one section of my hair would not cooperate. (It's the reason I haven't been posting a lot of selfies.)

You can see what I'm talking about in this photo. The hair framing my face doesn't look healthy at all. It looks more like straightened cotton candy. It's very light and fluffy, it won't hold a style and it doesn't look like pretty hair. It looks fried.

I was going through my stash and decided to give a product from Living Proof another try. So after I washed and triple-conditioned, I added a bit of Living Proof's Prime Style Extender to my wet hair. When I awoke the next morning, my hair was almost good to go. My cotton candy hair looked like regular hair again. REGULAR HAIR. I spritzed it, touched it up with a blow dryer and I was good to go! No frizz. No crazy texture differences. Just pretty hair. I didn't believe it wasn't a fluke, so I've been using it for weeks.

According to Living Proof, Prime Style Extender is powered by Living Proof’s “miracle molecule,” OFPMA, protects and extends the life of your style twice as long, saving you time, day after day. It weightlessly perfects strands while smoothing and correcting hair texture. Prime detangles, corrects cuticle texture, and is so perfecting it can be worn alone, yet so weightless it can be layered under your favorite styler. Save time and forget the touch-ups.

I've even been adding it to dry hair in-between washes to freshen up my frizz. And if you actually use it and blow dry your hair, the results are amazing. You can even extend the time between washing by at least one more day. It also helps keep my waves in a bit longer. I think I found the answer to my cotton candy hair.

Sure, I'm not going to stop my CoconutOil, washing, Roux'ing, ApHogee'ing, oiling routine. But I'm thrilled to have found something that works so well to correct my candy hair! I'm honestly trying to stave off buying this in bulk (but I think I'm going to hit Sephora later and grab a few extras, just to be safe).

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  1. That's a pretty spectacular difference! I wish this stuff had been around when I was overdoing the highlights and fried my hair!


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