Read It With Me: People StyleWatch - Feb 2015

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Every time I read a magazine, I feel like I should be discussing it with you. So this month, I thought I'd get off of the sofa and share my snark. Let me know what you think!

Now go grab your February copy of People Style Watch. TSwift is on the cover, adorable as ever.

As usual, PSW has great finds (under $50!), makeup and hair ideas as well as a guide to What's Hot in 2015 (I wonder if my thoughts on trends match up with theirs?). And Taylor Swift shares her style secrets! You know, the usual.

I'm loving Taylor's bangs. I just got mad at my own bangs and after watching a few Sam Villa tutorials, I chopped them. I don't hate them, but they aren't my best work. I think they need to be heavier. Perhaps Tay's are exactly what I need! Maybe thicker is the key. I'll find out Saturday when my stylist has to fix my mess.


Paging through, that Chanel ad right after the contents page is weird. Can girls that age afford Chanel? I think not. Maybe some really rich girls, but we all know that isn't the norm. Whateves. It's a weird ad (but not as weird as the photoshopped boob on the second page. Her hair is great, though...).


Ok. Let's focus. Skipping forward to Beauty News! First things first, let's discuss Dr. Brandt's wrinkle relaxer, Needles No More. We can't call it topical botox because it isn't. What it does do is prevent muscles from contracting. Wrinkles are lessened instantly and prevented over time. I've tried this and it does work. It's not perfect, but it did make a noticeable difference. If you are just starting to get "11's" or other muscle-based wrinkles, this might be a good way to stop those wrinkles from forming. Yeah! People Style Watch and I agree!


And now we are enemies again. Those are fighting words, PSW! Pore-shrinkage? Come on. Let's discuss this new serum from Kiehl's , which claims to tighten pores (and skin, overall) over four weeks. Kiehl's Dermatologist Solutions Precision Lifting & Pore Tightening Concentrate claims to lift and tighten skin overall and shrink your pores.

Here's the thing. Skin can be made to look lifted and tighter (especially if you do something that will help remodel collagen and actually plump up the skin). But you can't shrink pores. I'm a little disappointed that PSW would tell you that you can.

Don't believe the hype. If you have larger pores, use something with salicylic acid that will help clean your pores out and make them look smaller. Or try a primer with silicone that will give your skin a more even appearance. Don't let anyone tell you they can shrink pores. That's just magical thinking.

Moving on to Beauty Cheapies (more for me than you, honestly). I need to try that Marc Anthony Hydrating Hair Treatment--it's got coconut oil and shea butter, which is great for dry hair. GREAT. You know coconut oil is one of the only oils that can actually penetrate the hair shaft, right? What I'm not sold on is that swivel-headed razor. Ouch. That seems like a slicing accident waiting to happen.


On to What's In & What's Out. Taking your cats with you is IN (I knew it! I'm not crazy. I've been leash training Oonagh since Christmas for this exact reason.). What's out? Needlepoint pillows, apparently.


Layering necklaces is back (I didn't know it left) and I'm happy to know I'm accidentally on trend again. I LOVE that big monogrammed necklace (hint! hint!). Grab this one at for $145.

PSW is saying that shoulder baring tops are IT for spring. I just can't. Can you? Maybe it's because my upper arms can't handle it? Maybe it's because it's a bad idea? Thoughts? It just reminds me of something out of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.

There's a lot more worth checking out in this month's People Style Watch, so don't let me stop you from picking it up. Go grab it and tell me jumped out at you!

One last thing. This ad is making me crazy. Please don't fall for the pinking of everything. While It's a 10 does give back and does support cancer-related charities, I can't find how much they give back in dollars. So until that information is on the ad -  or their website- buy it because you like it. Not because you think you are helping others. More often than not, a portion of the proceeds is barely anything.

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