Makeup Wars: Favorite Drugstore Brands

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This week in Makeup Wars, we are all about pitting our favorite drugstore brands against each other. If the truth be told, my favorite-favorite was Revlon. But until they give their CEO the boot, I'm not talking about them. Next in line is COVERGIRL. I've loved them ever since my mom gave me my first clear lip gloss to wear to the 6th grade Valentine's Day dance. I don't remember if the clear gloss caught the eye of whomever I was utterly in love with that day, but I know I kept it in my jean jacket pocket forever.

My love of their lippies continues. Lip Lava is amazing. Sure, if sticky gloss bugs you, then some say it's a little sticky. Lip Lava doesn't seem that sticky to me and I can't get enough of that shine!

COVERGIRL is all about lipstick love for me and that continues with the Glossy Balm Sticks. Those sticks are just hydrating enough, long wearing and really, really pretty.

Plus, their new line of Colorlicious lipsticks are creamy, long lasting and so pigmented. There is no need to drop $25 at the mall, when you can score these at CVS/Pharmacy. I can't stop buying them.

COVERGIRL also rocks the foundation world with one of my favorite foundations, COVERGIRL + Olay Facelift Effect. I'm shocked by how great this foundation looks. See for yourself.

I also love that COVERGIRL isn't afraid to release products to the masses that everyone wants but can't always afford. Like TruMagic Skin Perfecting Balm. This is essentially a block of silicone that you gently apply as the final step in your makeup. The Mally Beauty version costs over $30. This one is about $10.

Just a few weeks ago, they released a foundation for women with too much peach fuzz. It even comes with a special applicator and helps keep your peach fuzz held down, where it should be. I haven't tried Ultra Smooth, but I love that they saw a void and created a fix.  (I fall into the camp of people with too much peach fuzz. Just shave it off. It won't grow back like a beard. You're too smart to believe that. Think about it. You run a razor over your face and it affects your follicles in a way that make it grow a different type of hair? That would be magical thinking, my little sisters! Just shave it or wax it, if it's really a problem for you. But I digress.)

And finally, if you ever need to pick up a little fun, inexpensive new color palette, COVERGIRL always has some little gems with amazing color. What is not to love?

Check out who my other comrades in the Makeup Wars chose as their favorites by clicking the tiles below!

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  1. Why do you hate Revlon's CEO? I'm boycotting Revlon because they knowingly use certain cancer causing chemicals in their cosmetics when 99% of other cosmetic companies have ceased using them. In short, I feel like they don't care about us, their (formerly) loyal customers. Is there another reason to be cross with them?
    Love the post, BTW.
    How does the lipstick league pick themes? I love them! I always learn something wonderful...

    1. Hi Rita-
      Here is a link explaining it. I don't hate him, per se, I just don't want to give him my money right now.

    2. Oh gosh! Yup. Good reason to not give him money. Ever. He, John Galliano and Tommy Hilfiger must be great pals. (I purchase nothing from Hilfiger due to similar remarks from him...and Galliano- he broke my heart with his nonsense.)
      Thanks for letting me know.

    3. I love the CG Glossy Balms! I think they're the best on the market. Great colors in the Queen Collection of Glossy Balms, too!

  2. Their Lip Lavas are so much fun, and I love the quality of their new shadow quads!

  3. I adore COVERGIRL, too! I especially love those new Coloricious lippies! :)

  4. Why haven't I seen these Lip Lavas? I am seriously behind!

  5. You have just created so many lemmings. I need that Ultra Smooth foundation and TruMagic balm asap. Need to scan the drugstore ads for a CG sale.


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