Lipstick League: What Makeup Look Are You Too Afraid To Rock?

I love this palette so much, I want to name it. 

Question of the Week: Are there any makeup looks you wish you could rock, but feel like you can't?
I'm not comfortable in bright pink lipsticks, but I've been trying to break out of my own comfort zone more and more. Oddly, I'm also uncomfortable with mascara on my lower lashes or liner under my lashes on the bottom. I can't explain that one.

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  1. I also will not put mascara on my lower lashes or liner under them. I think it looks great on other people, but on me makes my eyes look smaller (and the lashes look weird). The liner might be because I feel like I'm not that good at eyeliner in general (at least for the kind of look I'm usually going for).


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