Hourglass Modernist Eyeshadow Palette in Graphite

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Let's discuss these new palettes from Hourglass. They are amazing to look at; one color rolls into the next in a seamless stream of beautiful pigment. Yet quite a few makeup lovers have been hesitant to crush on them. People always seem to misunderstand Hourglass products when they are first released. Then they fall head over heels in love when the products are almost out of stock (Ambient palettes, anyone?). I'm quite certain any "chalky talk" is another case of misunderstood identity.

Because these shadows are not flat in a pan and have peaks and ripples, swatching them with fingers will make the delicate points crumble. So don't do that. These aren't meant to have your fingers sploshed into the pigments. Think of it as wearable art (and if you aren't into that kind of thing, then don't drop the money on the palette).

The Modernist Palettes are different from other shadows, thanks to the multi-press technique used when creating the palette. Matte, shimmer and super-pigmented shades are all blended together, giving you extreme flexibility and control of your look. The shadows can be layered, built up or worn effortlessly sheer. It's important to remember to pat these shadows on to the brush when you are applying the shadow to the brush. You can't treat these multi-pressed shadows like a Vice palette. Pat, pat, pat the shadow on to your brush and then apply as you normally would. It makes all of the difference between a mess and a beautiful look.

When applied properly, the shadows in Graphite go on evenly and stay perfectly for no less than eight hours. They are easily blendable and look stunning on the lid. Instead of sitting on top of the lid, looking like makeup, the shadow looks as if it had been airbrushed. Few shadows actually wear this way and it's such a treat to find beautiful colors that play on the lids the way that these shadows do.

All Modernist pigments can be used wet or dry, depending on how much color you want. Of course, adding water, moisturizing eye drops or a mixing medium to your brush will give you more shine. Applying the matte colors damp won't do much other than slightly intensify the overall color. The shadows aren't damaged by using them damp and apply normally as soon as they dry out.

There is something to be said for a palette that is as beautiful to use as it is to wear. The Modernist Shadow Palette in Graphite delivers. If I was made of money, I'd buy all of them. (If I was really made of money, I'd buy them for you, too.)

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  1. I've been lemming a couple of these Modernist eyeshadow palettes. They look so, so pretty!

  2. Ugh, seriously...I don't know how anyone can effectively swatch these because they are just SO gorgeous. But I'm amazed at how pigmented that chocolate shade is. It may be high time to try out some Hourglass.

  3. Wow that is a gorgeous palette and the colors would be wonderful for me. I like how the shadows look like wind blown sand. Yet another palette to go on my growing wishlist!

  4. The gold in this palette is gorgeous! I haven't pulled the trigger on these yet, but I really want to.


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