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Provided by BPAL.

I have a major giveaway to share with you today! Earlier, I told you all about BPAL and why I think you will fall for them just as hard as I did.

Now the Lipstick League and I have TWELVE of them to give away! That's right, TWELVE! I'm so excited! To enter, just follow the instructions below. Please share this with your friends, it's such a huge giveaway and I would love for one of my little sisters to win! US and Canadian residents only. You must be 18 to enter. Void where prohibited, blah, blah, blah. Enter already!! Then go grab some Imp's Ears to try. You're going to love this!

Wondering what you could win? Here are reviews for each scent!

Eat Me: Love for Lacquer
Josie: Glitter. Gloss. Garbage
Jezebel: we heart this
Shoggoth: Nouveau Cheap
Lady Amalthea: My Newest Addiction
51: Gouldylox 
Wolf's Heart: My Beauty Bunny
Dirty: Beauty Junkies Unite
Jack: Phyrra
Phantasam: Prime Beauty
Les Fleurs du Mal: EauMG

BPAL 12 oil giveaway

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  1. Would love to try spider!

  2. 51! I have 2 imps of it and love it, and would adore a full bottle. I stopped buying this stuff a while ago because my obsession got out of hand.

  3. Jack sounds interesting. You know it's good if Phyrra recommends it!

  4. I love foodie scents so Eat Me sounds amazing!

  5. I love 51, it is a favorite! It was one of the first scents I ever bought, probably 8 years ago. Once I stumbled upon BPAL, I never went back to perfume.

  6. Josie would be the one I'm most excited for.. I just love magnolia scents! :D


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