SEPHORA+PANTONE UNIVERSE Facets of Marsala Multi-Finish Eye Palette

I bought this. Contains affiliate links. 

I posted about this little gem of a palette on Facebook as soon as I picked it up. And now you can't get it. I've failed you. I took too long to post! If you don't follow me on Facebook, do it now so this doesn't happen again!  :-). I'm not sure if they will make more palettes or not, but if they do, you should grab it when you can. I'll try to let you know if it comes back in stock by way of Facebook. (A store manager just wrote on FB that more are on the way!)

Since you may not be able to get it, don't feel too bad. Sephora+PANTONE UNIVERSE made the entire Facets of Marsala palette smaller and it no longer looks like a cool little laptop. They also made the finish metallic, so it's fingerprint city.

Plus the shadow wells are almost too small for a large brush to really get in there and pick up pigment.

That is where my complaints end, however. I love this thing. You get twenty four shades in matte, pearl, shimmer and glitter that are either marsala or compliment marsala. It makes light colored eyes pop like you've never seen.

Who knew blue and marsala looked so amazing together? The shadows stay on until you take them off (assuming you use a primer). I am not having any glitter fallout problems. It's just a fantastic palette for $39.

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