Kat Von D Innerstellar Shadow Palette

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I wasn't going to pick up any new palettes in 2015. And then I went into look at the PANTONE UNIVERSE Marsala palette and before I knew it, both the Marsala and Kat Von D's Innerstellar had jumped in my basket. After I got it home, I decided I just wasn't that into the colors in the Innerstellar Eyeshadow Palette. Shiny, matte, neutral with some metallics just seemed kind of meh. I wore it a few times and debated returning it.

And then I started mixing everything with the pink shade, lycan. This shade is amazing for blending edges, changing the overall tone of a shadow and making a matte look really work. Plus the silver is fantastic. It's growing on me now. I think I really like it. Check out the colors for yourself. I'm normally not this wishy-washy, so I've held off really sharing this palette.

Are you picking up or passing? You get twelve shadows, including three super-sized base colors. This palette is definitely more refined than most of KVD's other palettes.
But I'm just not sure that I love it? I don't know. Maybe I'm just in a mood lately. Tell me what you think! Grab it for $46 at Sephora if you likey!

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  1. The palette is pretty but not revolutionary. I'm glad I'm seeing this post since I was considering it even though I have a Kat VonD I bought in December and haven't used yet. Oy vey.


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