In Love With COVERGIRL's Lip Lava

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COVERGIRL recently launched Colorlicious Lip Lava and I can't stop buying them. It's essentially a quasi-hydrating lip gloss with insane sparkle. It's available in nine shades, from nude to red and with some really cool purples. My favorite is Lava Luster. It's similar to Make Up For Ever's Lab Shine S2. I've also picked up gorgeous bright red Live, Love, Lava and Oh La Lava, an opalescent lavender.

Lava Luster

Oh La Lava

Live, Love, Lava

Each one is around $8 and I think I might need them all.

 photo lylas3.png

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  1. I love your pictures and frame. That's incredible that you can do that. I'm definitely checking these out.


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