How To Get The Shiniest Hair Possible

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A few weeks back, I started asking my blogging friends how to get the shiniest hair possible. Loads of people suggested using deep conditioning treatments with 'cones. Ojon continually comes up as a great deep conditioning treatment. So does Joico's K-Pak Treatment.

Old wives' tales about eggs and mayonnaise and "sealing the cuticle with cold water" are all over the internet. However, none of that really gives me great shine. I want mirrorball shine. Like see-yourself-in-your-own-hair shine. I know, lofty goals, right?

As of this minute, what is working better for me than anything else I've tried (and I swear, it's a LOT) is this combo:

Wash, condition and treat hair with Liquid Keratin Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-In Conditioner. The protein in the keratin seems to help make the hair more manageable, soft and super shiny.

Before drying the hair, add DermOrganic's Shine Therapy Spray. A little goes a long way, but add as much as you can without it weighing down your hair. The shine you'll see instantly is insane! Blow dry your hair, or let it air dry and finish with another quick spritz of the DermOrganic's Shine Therapy Spray. I've been looking for years for hair that gleams like this and have tried almost everything. This DermOrganic Shine Therapy Spray has actually made me stop looking. I'm convinced there is nothing better. And that is life changing! (In the most melodramatic, unimportant way possible, mind you.)

This is it! My holy grail of shiny hair. If you've got something you like better (or instead of!), please tell me in the comments! I'll still keep my eyes open, but until something better falls in my lap, this combo is perfect.

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  1. That Shine Spray is IT. I use it every single day. You can't beat the shine it gives.

  2. Hmmm! Unfortunately I have thin fine stick straight oily hair, and have found that it looks far better on day two if I have used plenty of products like dry shampoo as part of styling. I sacrifice some shine, so I'm sure my styling products/habits would undo anything the keratin products would provide. I have some spray oils for hair like a Bumble and Bumble one, wonder if it would help replace some shine, or just destroy the styling (curling) work..


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