Experiment With More Than Just Your Hairstyle

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Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific was my favorite shampoo when I was a kid. I thought using it would make me so irresistible that my boy-on-the-bus crush Kevpatrick Axelarmon* would finally notice me. It never worked, except for the one day he said he liked my spray paint-splattered blouse. Ah...seventh grade.

Now I rely on my charm and wit to get attention and not on what shampoo I crave, but a head of nicely-scented hair never hurts. Especially if you are trying to capture the attention of your very own Kevpatrick Axelarmon. Here are three products you should try right now to turn heads and woo hearts.

White Sands Orchid Oil is the favorite of talent** on shows like Jane the Virgin and The Vampire Diaries. It adds incredible shine and smells ah-mazing. Seriously. The smell is phenomenal.

I Smell Great is one of my favorite scent lines this year. They have perfumes, sprays, lippies and hair scents that are delicious. I've grabbed everything Candy Crush that is possible. I can't get enough of it!

Full Bloom by Sexy Hair is an interesting concept. It's part hair protector, part thickening spray and part hairfume. You spray it into wet hair and when you blowdry, the scent is activated. It seems like it would be a stronger scent, based on how it smells on wet hair. However, once your hair is dry, it's light and dreamy. It's available in two scents, Pink Envy and Intense Pear.

All of these scents are delicate enough to layer with your daily 'fume. Just watch people turn to watch you as you walk away...

*Names squished together to create one super boy from the bus.
**Talent is what we in the business call actors.

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  1. Thicker, fuller hair with a light, dreamy fragrance? SIGN ME UP! I'm now on the hunt for Full Bloom.

    1. "*Names squished together to create one super boy from the bus." - heheh!!!


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