Makeup Wars: Best of the Year Favorite Lipstick

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Today it's all about our favorite lipcolor--that one product that we loved for our lips more than anything else this year. I'm a lipstick JUNKIE, so this is killing me. The new Urban Decay Naked glosses were great, as were their revamped, super pigmented Revolution lipsticks.

But my favorite for the year? Easy. It's the lipstick that I chased down in different CVS' and other drugstores across the states and across the pond. I probably own about 10 of them now, if not more. I love these and can't get enough! My favorite lipstick of 2014 was...

 My favorite lipstick of 2014 was Rimmel Moisture Renew!

These colors are shiny, long-wearing, super creamy, very hydrating and all over perfect. There are dozens to choose from and no other drugstore lipcolor comes close. My favorite shades in this line are Berry Rose and Summer Angel. If I was stuck on an island with no other colors but these, I would be a happy, happy girl.

See what the other Makeup Wars bloggers picked for their favorite lippie of the year by clicking the tiles below!

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  1. OOOO These look pretty. I haven't tried any of those yet!

  2. Clearly I am not paying enough attention to Rimmel!

  3. I DO love a Rimmel lipstick!!! Great pick!

  4. It's always nice to see a budget-friendly option rule the day!


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