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If you love light, honest, simple fragrances, I Smell Great is the line you've been waiting for. Randi Shinder, creator of CLEAN Perfume, worked with Jane Daly, perfumer extraordinaire, to create a line made of simple notes that play upon the senses, without overloading them.

I Smell Great uses new technology to actually extract scents from simple items that you naturally love. Wild Honey, Angel Cake, Beach Babe and Candy Crush are all lovely scents that won't overwhelm your nose. Each scent also includes some kind of magic that actually refreshes the scent for up to six hours just by applying pressure to the areas you've scented. It actually works!

You can even combine different scents to create your own unique fragrance. Love the beach and the sweet smell of candy? Blend the two to create your very own scent, Beach Crush. The combinations are endless.

The scents:

Wild Honey intoxicates with the gentle yet enticing scents of honey, brown sugar, Tahitian vanilla, sweet nectar and a touch of sexy. This delicious and soothing combination is almost edible, and will kiss your skin with an irresistible and yummy sweetness.

Angel Cake delights in the sweetness of pink icing, powdered sugar, candied almond, with a touch of sweetness. It’s cozy and comforting, with a sweet innocence that wraps around you like a hug.

Beach Babe transports you with the gentle yet enticing scents of tropical breezes, coconut cream, golden suntan oil with a touch of sunshine. Close your eyes and let the warmth of the sun soothe you as the waves and salt air take you away.

Candy Crush entices you with scents of candied flower petals, rose syrup, icing sugar, candy hearts with a touch of love. The fresh and juicy flowers will tempt and tease you with a mouthwatering sweetness that is impossible to resist.

Each scent is available in five products; eau de parfum, hair fragrance, soft body whip, reactive lush lip and wellness water mist.

The eau de parfum is never alcohol-y or overpowering. It's just pure scent encapsulated for a unique olfactory experience. It's available in a 50 mL size for $68.

The hair fragrance is a godsend for any day hair and is so light and gentle that people will wonder from where that intoxicating scent has wafted. Leave them guessing for $32.

The soft body whip envelops your skin in creamy moisture. Skin is left soft and supple in moments. Bask in softly-scented, sexier skin for $28.

The reactive lush lip is a hydrating lip balm that tints the lips. The scent actually refreshes with each kiss. This shiny balm stays in place, tastes amazing and gives me the perfect lip tint.  Kiss this baby hello for $28.

The wellness water contains hydrating and good-for-your-skin aloe and glycerin, as well as a touch of scent that leaves your skin feeling light and fresh. It's a great way to recharge during the day and anytime you're stressed out. Take a refreshing break with wellness water for $32.

If you love scents that leave you wanting more and do not exude some kind of pretend chemical sexiness, I Smell Great is for you. If you want a scent that you can layer that is never too strong, I Smell Great is the line you have been waiting for. If you love the idea of a simple fragrance that isn't pretending to be something it's not, I Smell Great is the fragrance you need now. If you've ever wanted to be the woman in the elevator whose scent captures the attention of everyone in a good way, I Smell Great is for you. Grab any or all of them from ISmellGreat.com.

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