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I've been telling you about the amazing brushes of It Cosmetics for years. And while we've discussed their new collections, we haven't talked about why you might need to upgrade a few of your brushes. It Cosmetics launched three specific lines of brushes earlier this fall:

Velvet Luxe Brushes are anti-microbial, densely packed, custom-molded and made to blur imperfections. 

This is the most luxe of the three collections. These brushes feel amazing in your hands and you can't help but want to toss all of your other brushes and use these exclusively.

Airbrush Essentials Brushes are synthetic, anti-microbial, lightweight and crafted to give you an airbrushed finish. These are the perfect brushes to keep in your makeup bag, take with you on trips or leave behind at your weekend home. These brushes give amazing results and feel beautiful in your hand.

Live Beauty Fully Brushes are brushes after my own heart. For each brush purchased, It will donate one brush to the charity Look Good, Feel Better, which helps women face cancer with confidence. Each handle is weighted to help you with perfect application and the streamlined finish feels luxe. These brushes are a joy to use and you'll feel good knowing your simple choice gives back to women who need it.

All of the It Cosmetics brushes are amazing. While the Velvet Luxe brushes feel like the most luxe pampering you can get, my favorites have to be the Airbrush Essentials. I'm replacing all of my brushes (well, almost all of them) with these. They are that good!

Not sure what to get? Try these collections of brushes; they are a perfect start towards a flawless face!

Your Airbrush Masters gives you everything you need for a flawless face for only $65! You'll get all of the brushes shown below, plus a gorgeous case  to keep on your vanity (grab this one. You won't be sorry!).

Need something a little smaller for your desk or car? Your Beautiful Basics Travel Brush Set gives you three multi-tasking brushes for under  $20.

These brushes are perfect for  taking with you or for stashing in that special  place where you know you will need them.

Have you tried these? Which is your favorite collection? Tell me all about it in the comments below!

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