Look Younger Now: DermaHeal 2 Weeks To Younger Skin + Giveaway!

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I'm so excited about this giveaway today. I really want you to win this! Gouldylox Reviews partnered with Gloss48 (love them!) to bring you a giveaway that has kind of made my fall season. Before I tell you all about it, let me tell you about Gloss48.

Gloss48 launches new indie beauty, daily. For the first seven days that products are on the site, they offer a promotional discount. You can try new products without breaking the bank! After the launch week, you can still shop an amazing collection of indie beauty at full price. Plus, if you've never shopped there before, you'll get $10 off of your first order of $30 or more.

So what am I so excited about? DermaHeal Cosmeceuticals 2 Week Miracle Redesign Anti-Aging Kit. I wasn't familiar with DermaHeal either. But after the first week, I won't forget them. DermaHeal is a line out of South Korea that was created to meet the standards of beauty in the East. Fast acting, real results and no irritation are what make this kit the perfect gift to give yourself before you have to get together with everyone you've ever met later this month. You will see a noticeable difference in two weeks. I didn't think it would work as well as it did, but I'll take it!

Here is how it works. This kit comes with four products that you apply twice a day. Pretty easy, right? Just be sure to allow enough time for each product to absorb before applying the next. After the first night I woke up with skin that looked fresh and radiant. I was honestly thinking I needed to do a peel or a little laser treatment to freshen up my skin and now I can wait a little longer. While this kit boasts results after two weeks, it actually contains enough product to keep you looking gorgeous for at least another week or so. Normally, it retails for $75, but for the next week, Glossy48 has it for $45. I'm picking up at least one more kit for me (and probably one for Loxy) before the price goes back up at the end of the week. Try it and tell me if it worked as well for you as it did for me!

Before, wearing mascara and brow stuff. 

After, wearing nothing. My fine lines are diminished and my overall skin texture is more smooth.

I've got one to give away, too! Just follow the Rafflecopter directions below and you'll be entered to win! When you try this, please tell me what you think!

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