What I Want Now: October

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(Loxy, myself and Ginny, our raptor for the afternoon. At Dromoland Castle, near Shannon.)

I'm back from Ireland and ready to shop! While I didn't discover any new and amazing makeup abroad, there is plenty on the shelves to get excited about right here (although I did appreciate the lack of airbrushing and truth in advertising).

First up, the holiday collections are starting to pop up. It's just too early. It's not even Halloween! It seems like the holiday collections come in waves now. With new launches each month, it's hard to know what to save your pennies for and what to put on a wish list. Here are my picks from the first wave of holiday goodness.

LORAC MegaPRO Palette is a blend of shimmering and matte shades that I can only assume are as fabulous as the previous LORAC Pro Palettes. Grab it as soon as it becomes available from loraccosmetics.com and amazon.com.

Urban Decay's Vice Palette keeps coming back to haunt my dreams. I almost sought this out right before I left for Ireland and decided that it would escape my mind when dreams of rescue donkeys and the Rock of Cashel took over. Yeah. That didn't happen. I still really, really want this palette.

Bobbi Brown's New Long-Wear Gel Sparkle Eye Liner looks like it might be so pretty! Her gel liners are always among my favorite and I've often wished she'd add a touch of sparkle. If the sparkle shows up, I'll have a hard time picking one of the five colors. Who am I kidding? I'll need Night Sky and Thunderstorm.

Tarte's Pin Up Girl Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush Palette looks dreamy. I'm going through a bit of of  blush confusion right now and this might just be the palette to end my cheeky consternation. I've had a mean case of the peachy cheeks for years and feel like it's time to break out of my peach prison. Could this just be the key?

What has piqued your interest this month? Tell me what I'm missing!

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  1. I spent a semester in Ireland and my beauty addiction was probably as bad as it ever has been. Did you go to Penney's? It's like Forever 21 on steroids, and even cheaper!

    1. I did go to Penney's! A few times, actually! Your description is spot on. The T-shirts they have are hysterical. I got one that claims that Rhode Island is the Future of Urban living and features the LA skyline. And I got some fantastic statement necklaces at Debenham's. I loved every second in Ireland.


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