It's Spa Week! Get An Amazing Service For $50--I Got Lashes!

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October 20th-26th is National Spa Week! Think of it like restaurant week for beauty mavens. It's that magical time of the year where you can nab things like a pro teeth whitening, facial, massage or lash extensions for only $50. What a sweet pre-holiday season score! Depending on the spas in your area, discounted services have a retail value of $100-$500. So you're going to want to check out the offers in your area. Don't miss out!

Of course, for scientific reasons, I tested the Spa Week waters for you with a $50 service from Glow To Go Skin Bar. This adorable gem on Charles Street offers up all kinds of luxe services--massage, makeup applications, sunless tanning, teeth whitening, facials, waxing, cat eye lash extensions and more. Plus, they carry one of my all time favorite skin care lines, Jan Marini.

I opted for cat eye lash extensions because I've never had lash extensions before. I do a lot of complaining about my lashes (above), so I thought I should try out the ultimate way to improve them. While I went in for a little cat eye flick, a smaller lash job, my paltry lashes needed more than called for with a few end-of-lash extensions. So I ended up going for a light, full set after we discussed my options (which is a service above adding only cat eye lashes, the Spa Week deal). If you've thought about lash extensions and were wondering how they do it, here are the details.

Your lash areas are cleaned and dried. A little eye pad is placed on the lower lashes to prevent any lashes from sticking together. Then each extension is glued using medical grade glue to individual lashes. Adding about 100 lashes across both eyes took two hours. Since the lashes Glow To Go uses are Minkys, the lashes are very light and don't feel like there is anything extra on my lids. I was instructed not to get them wet in any way for 48 hours so the glue would cure. You can't curl the lashes, wear mascara, sleep face down or use any oils for the duration of the extensions. Providing you follow the directions, your lashes will last for 3-6 weeks.

My lashes curl upwards so you can see them and are very natural looking. They aren't as glamourific as the way I usually wear my mascara, but they give my eyes a beautiful ingenue look that is a perfect blend of natural beauty and the mod makeup trend.

I had been really reluctant to try lash extensions because it seems like a dangerous treatment to put glue that close to your eyes.  The esthetician, Fyll Callan, has been doing lash extensions for more than five years. She is an even a lashes extensions instructor. I would not hesitate to have Fyll do your lashes. Fyll also does a facial designed to help athletes have the best skin possible and believes in the power of extractions. I'm definitely heading back for a thorough facial! And maybe a teeth whitening. Decisions, decisions...

Book your own appointment at Glow To Go Skin Bar or at any salon participating in Spa Week and be holiday-ready for the endless soirees the end of the year brings. Spa Week is going on right now! Don't miss out on amazing prices and the chance to experience some of the best of what salons in your neighborhood have to offer.

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  1. Your lashes look great...but I don't think I'd be willing to not sleep on my face or do some of the other things to keep them on. Besides...lately, I've been curing my lashes and not even using mascara!

    By the are you liking being a blonde? It looks nice, but I like you as a redhead - sorry! I'm dark myself (actually, probably 80% gray, but I won't see that until I'm in my 80s!). I tried to go auburn (I have a lot of red in my hair...naturally and otherwise), but it was too hard to maintain. I can imagine the blonde is even worse!

    1. What? Curling with no mascara???? I am really missing my mascara...but the lashes are so pretty!

      I love the blonde. And it's like being deep undercover again. I went to a work party for a friend who is retiring and no one recognized me. I mean no one . I've worked in my business for about 20 years and only a handful had any clue who I was. As for keeping up the blonde, its so much easier since I'm so gray naturally. I had to SKIP a color and highlight appointment last week when I was sick and my roots are terrible, but not that bad if you don't look for them!

  2. Awww, I used to live on Charles St. It's a long street but I lived downtown. I miss that place like crazy! Good thing I get to come back in May for my co-blogger's wedding. She's getting married in the American Visionary Arts Museum. Can't wait!

    1. SO PRETTY!!! I work down the street from the VAM. We go there at lunch sometimes....


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