It Cosmetics Your Most Radiant You on QVC: Makeover In A Box!

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 This is my absolute favorite kind of QVC TSV. It's from one of my favorite makeup companies, period. You know It Cosmetics is going to give you brushes to die for, makeup that improves your skin and flawless beauty that makes you feel great from the inside out. But forget all of that. I'm so excited about this TSV from It because it's a just shy of being a full face makeover in a box!

A full face makeover! My favorite thing in the world is a good makeover and this kit brings it!

We've discussed the Illumination Celebration Powder Foundation before--it's one of the only powder foundations I'll wear. It's gorgeous. The brush you need to apply this foundation is included in the kit, the Heavenly Luxe Double Airbrush Foundation Brush (shown in top photo). You'll never want to apply it with anything else. It's the softest brush ever and always gives an airbrush finish.

The No-Tug Eyeliner glides on, filling in gaps in your lashes and defining your eyes with ease. Gel liners look the most similar to a liquid and this pencil looks and feels so smooth. Apply a thick cat eye, line your inner rims or just smudge it along the bottom. Gel liners go on smooth, stay dark and don't budge.

The blush is new from It! The CC+ Radiance Ombre Blush offers several shades of pink in the most glorious of powders. It's like applying satin to your cheeks. Plus, forget contouring your cheeks with a tan color. Je ne sais quois gives you the perfect shades to create a contoured cheek without the tan streak. Blend a tiny bit of the darkest shade into the outer crease of your eye for a really modern look.

Finally, It Cosmetics tops it all off with a Hello Lashes Extensions fiber mascara that adds length and volume to your lashes. Use the straight edge of the wand to apply the mascara and use the ball to tip your lashes with fibers. Focus on all of your lashes for a lush lash or just the corners for a sexy cat eye. This doesn't give a false lash look like other mascaras. If you like wispy, natural lashes, you'll love this.

Sure, it doesn't come with a lip, but the colors are so universal, you can add any color lip you want and go from day to night in a heartbeat, without changing the rest of your face.

Here's my before and after. I added some brows with the It Cosmetics Universal YBBB and I added a touch of It's Pretty In Pink Lipgloss.  Neither of those items are included in this kit.

It's hard to create a universal (almost) full face makeover in a box and It nailed it!

Grab it today from QVC for $54.96. After midnight tonight, the price will go up and popular foundation shades may sell out, so pick it up while you can!

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  1. Gorgeous look! I'm loving this set too!

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