Get Mega Lashes from Australia: Cherry Blooms Brush On Extensions

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My lashes are wimpy (we are all sick of listening to me talk about it). I want thicker, longer lashes without the hassle and risk of getting lash extensions. Temporary lash extensions sound a lot better, don't they? You don't have to wash your eyes carefully, you don't have to sleep face up and you can go swimming. One solution? Cherry Blooms Brush On Extensions.

Cherry Blooms are very similar to a fiber and mascara combo with one exception: the application. With a normal fiber and mascara combo, the mascara is thick and can get slightly goopy before you get the first fiber in place.

Unlike a typical mascara, Cherry Blooms use a black gel that contains beeswax. This means that you control the thickness of your lashes. You first apply approximately twenty brush strokes of the gel first.  If you want thin, wispy lashes, comb out your lashes with a lash comb after each application. If you want thicker lashes (like mine), then skip the comb out.

Next, apply the fibers by brushing them on like you would any normal mascara, using approximately fifteen brush strokes. Then seal the fibers in place with the mascara gel with another twenty strokes. If you like, build another layer of lashes! It's up to you how far you want to go.

Unlike a lot of other fiber products, these actually stay in place, without breaking down for a full day. If you want, avoid coming in contact with soap and water and these lashes will stay in place for up to three days! Cry, laugh, sweat--because they are water-resistant, they aren't coming off until you take them off. These also don't seem to get in my eyes during application the way many other dry fibers do.

Dry fiber mascaras always seem to have a downside. Provided you have the patience to apply this product--it takes about one minute per eye--I can't think of a single reason not to try them. The results are truly stunning!

Pick up Cherry Blooms for yourself for $59.

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