Extend Your Blowout with R + Co Park Ave Blow Out Balm

Nothing to disclose. I bought this. 

R + Co isn't new to hair, despite the line just launching earlier this summer. Created with the user in mind, R + Co is the child of hair greats Garren, Thom Priano and  Howard McLaren. Together, the three creators of the line have worked on everyone who has made fashion history in the last twenty years. They've been the ones to set the trends and they've been the ones to design the looks. When they decided to partner and create a signature line, it was imperative that each product evoke a thought; each product would fill a very specific need. Each product is created with every aspect of the user in mind - scent, feel, look and end result.  Everything is formulated without parabens, sulfates (SLS or SLES), mineral oil and petrolatum. They are all vegetarian, cruelty-free, gluten-free and color-safe.

My salon, Laboratorie, carries the line and the stylists can't stop raving about all of the products. My current favorite is the Park Ave. Blow Out Balm. To use this balm, you start with a clean head of hair and apply throughout, making sure to spread the product evenly. Then, using a dryer and your favorite brush, sculpt your hair into the glossy, smooth hair of your dreams. I'm terrible at blow drying my own hair but when I really try, this balm gives me perfect style that lasts for up to four days.

I know. Four days seems like a little much, right? Sometimes, life gets in the way. When all you've got is a dry shampoo and a great blowout, don't be surprised when your style lasts longer than you are comfortable not washing your hair.

This also provides a little heat protection and a little hold, all without ever feeling sticky or like your hair is full of product. You know how much I hate that...

Pick it up in Baltimore from Laboratorie or from anywhere R + Co is sold for $28.

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  1. I am so glad you introduced me to Laboratorie - started going last year and they're fab. I'm also hooked on R & Co now thanks to them! I'm partial to the Rockaway sea salt spray, Gemstone shampoo and Death Valley dry shampoo. :)


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