Conair Infinity Pro 3Q Dryer Cuts Dry Time in Half?

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I love my blond hair. It has taken me a few months, loads of products and emptied my wallet, but my hair is finally blond and in really good shape. As summer is over and fall is upon us, the days of air drying are over. Hot tools mean hair damage and I can't afford any more of that.

Enter Conair's new 3Q Brushless Hair Dryer. This new dryer claims to cut dry time by 70%(!), cut noise by 40% and include a brushless motor that outlasts your current dryer by 10 times. If that is true, it's really impressive!

Here is what I look for in a hair dryer:

1. It can't be too heavy. It must weigh no more than 1 pound.

2. It can't be so loud I can't hear anything over the sounds of the motor and air.

3. It MUST have multiple speeds and temperature settings.

4. It must have an easy to use cool shoot button. I don't want to have to hold the button in the entire time I'm using it.

5. It needs to put out a lot of air. I have a lot of hair and it takes a lot of air to get it dry. The faster, the better.  Keep in mind, I have really thick hair, so a wind tunnel for your thin hair may not be the best idea.

So how does this dryer match up?

This dryer weighs only 18 oz (by my scale), just a little lighter than the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2 (18.5 oz).

The 3Q Hairdryer is quieter than a traditional dryer*. It sounds a little odd (to me, anyway) when it starts up. Then the dryer motor sounds a little more high pitched than my other dryers. However, that sound isn't annoying in anyway. It's just slightly different. Perhaps because it's brushless, you can definitely hear more of what's going on in the room than usual.

The dryer has the normal settings you would expect on a high end dryer;  two speed and two temperature settings. This dryer gets up to 160 degrees F, which is warm enough to help set and seal a style, but not hot enough to seriously damage your hair. Plus, it uses ionic technology to help reduce frizz and lock in style (for my thoughts on ionic tech in hairdryers, read this).

This dryer also has a really easy to use cool shot button. It's either on or it's off. Easy. There is no mistaking it for being off when it's on or vice versa. It outputs very cool air that will help set your style in no time. I did find that you have to grip this dryer carefully to not adjust the temperature settings while drying your hair. It only takes a moment to get used to not extending your fingers into the grip, instead holding your fingers around the grip.

Depending on the setting chosen, this hair dryer has the ability to match the output of a dryer using 1875 watts.** That is a lot of air--no wonder it dries hair faster. It's not messing around. And that kind of air and heat output is perfect for really thick, porous hair like mine.

This dryer truly measures up to my Sam Villa ETC, which I adore. I'm a little surprised that the dryer is from Conair! This definitely has the output to dry hair as a fast as a very high end dryer, which is great if you have thick, long or porous hair. It definitely dries my hair from very wet to bone dry in about 10 minutes. Impressive! Plus, according to the manufacturer, this dryer will last for 5,000 hours of use. Assuming that is true, that is approximately 30,000 10-minute uses. That is a long-lasting dryer!

Similar dryers sold at department stores are going to cost between $150 and $200 and those dryers have motors that could malfunction in as little as a year after purchasing, depending on use. This dryer should last much longer than your traditional dryers because of the lack of brushes in the motor. Think of it like a solid state hard drive. Less moving parts mean a longer life! The Conair Infinity Pro 3Q Hairdryer retails for $119, wherever Conair is sold.

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* When compared to the 3Q hair dryer without patent pending noise reduction technology

** When compared to standard AC motor dryers

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