New Dove Deep Moisture Body Wash Is Downright Dreamy (+ A Contest!)

Sent for review. Purchased by me (cause I totally love it!).

I know it seems like every other month Dove is coming out with a new body wash formula. You know what? They kind of are. They are busy over there at the Dove factory, thinking up new ways to bring amazing skin into your shower. They even have a challenge going on NOW to prove to you that this is their best formula yet!

I had previously thought the good old nutrium moisture wash was pretty fantastic. I love hot showers, but they're deadly for dry skin, That body wash allowed me to take my hot shower and not pay for it with the itchy-skritchies all day.

But now, now there is something new on the block. Deep Moisture Body Wash is an all new concoction. Not just relabeled and slightly tweaked. This is a completely new product. Don't let the similar bottles confuse you.

Take a look! Here are the ingredients in both bottles:

If you have dry, itchy, tight skin, this is going to be like sliding into a really luxe silk top. It feels so, so nice!

Try it for yourself and let me know what you think! Dove Deep Moisture Wash is available everywhere Dove is sold and retails for less than $9.

 Take the One Shower Challenge and see if your skin isn't feeling better after just one shower. Grab a coupon and tweet your results! You'll be entered to win a fabulous prize from Dove!

Want instant gratification? Enter to win this necklace from Dove! Just follow the Rafflecopter directions below!

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  1. Dove's Nourishing Body Wash, Almond Cream with Hibiscus.

    Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola

  2. I'm using Caress vanilla sandalwood body wash right now, which is nice! My skin is pretty oily, though.

  3. I haven't tried the newly reformulated Dove Deep Moisture, but I definitely will be picking it up the next time I'm at Target. I love Dove body washes! My favorite these days is their Pistachio scent. It's so creamy and smells so good!

  4. I have been using Dove body wash for years and the deep moisure wash is my current favorite.

  5. I like Bath and Body Works bath wash

  6. I love any of the scents of the body wash!


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