Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Is A Total Steal

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Have you tried the new Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows? The gel-like shadows contain a lot (a LOT!) of pigment and wear perfectly until you take them off. There is a small trick to applying them, which seems confusing. While I don't have all 200+ colors to show you, I do have the gorgeous Artist Palette! But first let's discuss what makes these shadows different.

Instead of brushing on the shadows with a fluffy brush, you push these shadows into place.  You'll want to start with a densely packed flat brush and push the brush into the pigments. If that doesn't quite make sense, try this. Lay the brush on the shadow. Push the brush up towards the top of the shadow. Then apply the shadow to your lid. The more you push and pat the shadow into place, the more pigmented the shades become. It's a little strange, but the colors and wear are amazing.

Want to dive in and try them without sorting through all 200 + colors? Check out the fairly new Artist Palette, available at Sephora (although in my area, it's only at the JCP Sephoras). You'll get some mattes, some iridescents, diamonds, satins and metallics. It's a great way to test drive the new shadows without picking up several of the three shade palettes. You'll get eight shades for $42, versus three shades for $44 if you go the singles route.

This palette does everything you need for fall. A little smoky, a little nude and a little pop of color. Perfection.

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  1. That looks like a great buy. Thanks for the tip about using the shadows properly, I'd have screwed up otherwise.

  2. I have this palette and its absolutely amazing!!! I love that rusty-golden colour!!!! '

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