It's Bigger on the Inside: A Doctor Who Wedding Makeover

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Don't blink! This episode scares me more than any other.
Who can resist the urge of a bridesmaid needing a little makeup advice? Especially if that bridesmaid is going to be in a wedding with touches inspired by my favorite Doctor? I certainly can't resist helping a Whovian in need. Forget not blinking, this bridesmaid needed some help looking amazing while potentially tearing up!

Meet Mary. Mary works at the same ad agency as me and we share a serious love of Chris Pratt and all things Doctor Who-related. Mary can best be described as a cross between the happy to help anyone spirit of Donna, the wit of Rose and the not taking crap from anyone Amy. When she asked for some makeup guidance, I was more than happy to oblige. My specialty is helping women find their groove with makeup when they feel their makeup skills are a little wibbly-wobbly, so Mary and I hit the CVS/Pharmacy to shop.

Whenever you go to a fancy dress party, I always suggest looking like yourself, but a little more polished and a little more made up. If a smokey eye would never happen on a Friday night, it shouldn't happen at your wedding (even if you are a bridesmaid!). In my mind, I could see how a slightly smudged grey would make Mary's hazel eyes glisten. I wanted to polish her skin to perfection and add a pop of color to the lips. Mary has oily skin, so we needed some products that would not only last throughout the festivities, but keep her oily skin under control.

Here is what we ended up selecting at the store:

ColorStay Foundation for Combination/Oily skin
Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in Preview
COVERGIRL TruBlend Fixstick 
Maybelline Color Tattoo Metal Cream Shadow in Inked In Pink
Maybelline Kajal Liner in Charcoal Skies
COVERGIRL TruMagic Face Balm
L'OREAL Voluminous Butterfly Mascara in black (waterproof)
Revlon ColorStay Shadowlinks in Taupe 
COVERGIRL Blush Trio in Refined Rose

I started by prepping Mary's skin with a non-drugstore primer, because I knew it would hold up. Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer has to be one of the best primers, hands down. I also used this on her eyes.

Next, we applied the ColorStay Foundation to her face, following up with the concealer. We made sure to really brighten the area underneath Mary's eyes to make them pop. Never forget to conceal the inner corner and up to the nose!

Then we used a COVERGIRL Cheek trio to define her cheek bones, taking a little time to build a noticeable cheek. While we didn't contour the entire face, we did use the darkest shade in the cheek hollow and back into the hairline, a pop of the middle shade on the apple of the cheeks and a touch of the lightest color just above her cheekbone. We didn't apply a huge amount of blush, because along with eyeliner, it seems to scare everyone away. For the final wedding look, I suspect Mary will apply it with a slightly heavier hand.

We filled in her already pretty great brows with It Cosmetics Universal Brow Pencil. Using my fingers, I applied a sheer wash of the pink cream shadow to the lid, extending it just slightly above the crease. This adds a pop of sheen and a hint of color that makes the eyes seem more vivid. I love a little sheen in the middle of a lid!

We used a small shadow brush to add a tiny taupe crease to the eye. The colors are barely distinguishable, but a little definition is all you need! We then lined her upper and lower lid with the Charcoal Skies Kajal liner, including the upper and lower waterlines. The grey isn't harsh enough to make Mary feel like the makeup was wearing her, but added a little bit of glam that would look smashing in a Tardis-blue dress. The brush with the Butterfly mascara can make anyone's lashes appear longer than real life, which is exactly why we picked it!

To finish her face, we used a flat topped brush and lightly applied the COVERGIRL TruMagic Balm over the face (but not the eyes). This blurs all imperfections, especially for cameras. It's like putting a vaseline filter over the lens of a camera, but it's how everyone sees you -- perfect, polished and really, really pretty!

Finally, we added a few swipes of Revlon's amazingly long-lasting Suede lip balm in Preview.

Voila! The results were amazing! Very natural, but beautiful. Love it! I can't wait to see pictures from the actual wedding. Want more makeover pictures? Here you go!

I should add that thanks to the CVS/Pharmacy Beauty Club card, we got back $14 in coupons to spend next time, as well as $8 of instant coupons! I've not shopped anywhere else where these kind of savings happen!

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