Makeup Wars: Best Black Eyeliner

So many liners, so little time. How hard can it actually be to find the perfect black liner? I suppose it depends on what you want the liner to do. Smudge lightly along the lashes? Any simple liner will do   that (and a kohl liner will do better). But if you want to line your waterline, you'll need something special.

I have a hard time finding liners that will stay on my waterline, so I'm always on the lookout. One artist says that Marc Jacobs Gel Eye Crayon is the best (it failed on me), another swears by the new Bare Minerals Lasting Line Long Wearing Liner or just using a loose pigment. The new Bobbi Brown Gel Liners won't come off of my arm when I swatch, but my arm isn't a waterline and I don't have $24 to experiment. I'm not even talking about liquid liners, as they give a very different look. I'm talking pencils and creams. Although if you want a liquid, I'm curious to try this one myself.

Here are my favorite black liners that work pretty well on both the lid and the waterline. I'm not sure I've found a holy grail liner that won't budge, but these are pretty great.

Perversion from Urban Decay is a great liner and I'm willing to bet that most bloggers include this on their list.

Dalton's Airless Cream Liner is an amazing choice if you are a QVC shopper  I feel this liner would have a bigger following if it were more readily available.

My current absolute favorites are the Liner Love Waterproof Cream Liners from It Cosmetics. When used with their brush, this liner is super easy to apply,  wears until you take it off and looks stunning. I've tried both the black and the purple (there isn't a huge difference between the two) and they've earned a place on my vanity, full time.

For more opinions on the best black eyeliners, click the tiles below. While you're at it, tell me your favorite in the comments!

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  1. I've actually been wanting to try that IT Cosmetics liner!

  2. I like the UD gel liner a lot but MAC Fluidline is still my all-time fave.

  3. Yesss, isn't that Perversion just glorious?

  4. I need to try all of these!!!

  5. It's making me crazy I haven't tried It Cosmetics yet. SO many things from them I want to try!

  6. Urban Decay is awesome! Have you tried Make Up Forever's new aqua liners?

  7. I to have a never ending pile of black eyeliner pencils that promise the world! The best one I've ever found would have to be the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (i think thats the name, its the one with the included crappy brush that I just ended up throwing out) - but the trick is to use an old eyeliner pencil, swirl it in the lil gel pot and then draw the product onto your waterline - try not to blink for a second or so til it sets and then tada! Pitch back eyeliner on your waterline that lasts for at least as long as a night out clubbing :)


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