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I stopped by Sally Beauty to pick up some Clairol Shimmer Lights for my newly blond hair and couldn't resist grabbing some new gel polishes from FingerPaints. I picked up Charcoal Drawing as well as Fine Arts Auction, which may be my new favorite color.

I've only been wearing it for a few days, but it's a duo-chrome that leans bronze and violet with a touch of iridescent blue and green sparkle. When I applied the polish, it didn't creep away from the edges the way so many gel polishes tend to do. While I used the base and top coat from another gel manicure set (along with the light), it seems to have worked perfectly. However, I'm told by nail-aholics that the FingerPaints base is amazing.

Are you doing a gel at home or still going to the salon? What's your favorite gel polish?

Pick up any of the wide assortment of colors from Sally's Beauty for $10.99/$9.99.

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  1. Ok, this really gets me. The people in the Sally's by my house told me the FP gels were total crap and so bad that they were being discontinued!!!!! They told me to return them. And funny thing, they didn't get discontinued at all!!!!!! I'm glad to read a report from someone who actually knows the quality because they've experienced it. UGH!


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