Summer Fun: What's New Now?

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While summer just started, I'm getting bored with the collections. There just doesn't seem that much going on, makeup-wise. Where are the new products? New technology? I'm ready for it, Sephora! Bring it!

Perricone seems to be back in the makeup business with the launch of several new products. No Blush Blush is the one that really caught my eye. It's a light cream blush that goes on strong and blends beautifully. They've also launched a No Bronzer Bronzer that is a pretty light brown when applied. A No Foundation Foundation was remixed and relaunched, as well as a No Lipstick Lipstick that claims to work for everyone. I wrangled a sample of the blush, but I don't know if I'm in love yet. Prices range from $30.00-$55.00.

Bite Beauty  recently released BB For Lips, a balm with an SPF of 15 and good-for-your-lips ingredients. It's available in five shades, each $24.00.

Make Up For Ever is releasing their Sculpting Kits to the public! These have been available for a long time to the pros, but why should they be the only ones to give great face? Available in four shades, these retail for $48.00. Also new to Sephora is MUFE's Liquid Lift Foundation, which promises a firmer face. Fifteen colors span the range, each selling for $44.00.

Ashlee and I hit Ulta to see what was new (or at least, new to us) and made this video to show off our trip. Check it out! And yes, we all want a headband like Brenda!


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