Remembering My Dad: Jord Wooden Watches + A Giveaway

Contest provided by Jord.

(My Dad and his Mom at his family home in Oakley, Kansas. The car he is posing by is his beloved Model A.)

My Dad was a really funny guy. He passed away seven years ago and there has been a piece of my heart missing ever since. Like all kids and parents, our relationship was complicated. I'll never forget him telling me, "One day I won't be around anymore and you are going to have questions, so pay attention!" Unfortunately, he was right. I never learned to change the oil in a car (or change a tire) and I never learned to weld. I did pick up his ability to look at things from a basic mechanical perspective, and as a result, I'm slightly handy. I doubt I could refinish a car, build a garage, assemble a motor boat or turn engine parts on a lathe, like he could.

(My Dad loved to work on his car. Here he is in NC right before I was born.)

While I didn't get all of his knowledge, he is all around me. Not only in the wooden goodies he made me that decorate my life, or in the kitchen cabinets he made when he only really had one working hand after a stroke had crippled his right hand. Or even in all of my belongings that he has magically fixed over the years. He's a part of me. I got his goofy sense of humor and his inquisitive nature. While I like to do things quickly, I can appreciate the time it takes to do things right. I often wonder if the craftsmanship he dedicated so much of his time will fall to the wayside in the future.

(This is my Dad with the Model A in NC, shortly before I was born. My first dog Sam is in the background. The motorboat is something he built in his shop INSIDE the house. That green Buick brought me home from the hospital. I kinda learned to drive stick on that Volvo, although my Mom taught me how to drive stick on my own car without knowing how to drive a manual transmission herself.)

But every now and then, I find something that combines beautiful craftsmanship, high quality and unique style. It reminds me of him and earns a special place in my heart.

My latest obsession that combines all of the above are Wooden Watches from Jord (pronounced Yoad). I love the wooden bands, the unique faces and the charm of the watches. While none are particularly feminine, each watch hearkens back to a time where craftsmanship was king. All of these watches work as a "boyfriend watch" on you or as a uniquely stylish watch on the men in your life. Think of them as rugged or classic; as a modern twist on a craft that goes unappreciated or as a new way to show your off your old soul.

Woods from around the world are interesting like that. It's kind of what I love so much about this collection of time pieces.  Each time I look at them, I fall for a different style. The Ely and Fieldcrest are simple (not shown above), the Sully offers a pop of color while the 94A shows off different woods mingled together in a more complex band. The Delmar looks great with a suit and the 746 would make my Dad drool.

Each watch is handcrafted, created with sustainable wood from around the world. What's not to love? As soon as I saw the Jord collection of timepieces, I couldn't stop thinking about how much my dad would have appreciated them. Wearing one reminds me of him, working in his shop, smelling like sawdust and lava soap.

I'm sure you'll love them as well, and while it's too late to be a great Father's Day gift, I have one to give away to a lucky reader! Jord was kind enough to offer one faithful reader a 94A in Green and Maple.  Follow the rafflecopter directions and you could win! This contest is open in the US only, entrants must be 18 years or older, void where prohibited. Jord will fulfill the watch once a winner has been chosen. Good luck!

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  1. What a great piece you've written - love this! Brought a tear to my eye. Love you.


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