Makeup Wars: Favorite Purple Eyeshadows

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This is actually a Makeup Wars that has me a little stumped. When looking through my collection of single eyeshadows, I have a little problem. I've depotted them and I don't know what they are.

That aside, when I think of purple, I love the glistening, shimmering, illuminating side of purples. That means that most of my favorite choices are going to be loose pigments. I do have one Kat Von D palette in my collection that has some fantastic purples that are a little edgier than my single loose piggies from Bare Minerals.

Kat Von D True Romance Sinner Palette contains purples and grays, which make for a lovely combo on light eyes.

Sephora Crayon Jumbo Waterproof 12 Hour Wear Liner in Violet wears all day in a mesmerizing, medium shade that covers the lid in purple perfection.

Bare Minerals Prime Time Chroma Violet Primer is quite the pretty light purple, if you can find it. It seems to also contain a touch of brown, making this a way more complex color than you might expect.

I had to include my two absolute favorites, even though I'm not entirely sure you can find them anywhere: Bare Minerals Berry Flambe and Bauble (part of a holiday collection) define what I want in a purple shadow: Shimmer, color and a touch of shine.

Check out more beautiful purples by clicking on the tiles below!

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  1. I Love Purple Colored Makeup ideas, Really Very Nice Article. Thanks For This Article Written Up.

  2. Wow that Sephora pencil is amazing! I really love the look of BM Berry Flambe!

  3. You have so many pretty purples!!

  4. I know we're talking purples here, but that pic of your z-palette had me drooling - those oranges! Back on-topic, the Sephora jumbo pencil is shockingly vibrant! I haven't tried the line, but I love a good jumbo pencil - might have to give Violet a go!

  5. Those Bare Mineral shades are so pretty! I wish I wasn't so clumsy, my bareMinerals always seemed to end up in the carpet!

  6. I accept that this purple eyeshadow will definitely attract everyone. More than that how about light grey color eyeshadow.


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