Headache-Free Hairstyles

I have been plagued with headaches and they are only getting worse. My Dad's side of the family seems to wrestle with this and I don't want any part of it. Combined with my inability to take painkillers (they cause rebound headaches), I'm avoiding all possible triggers.

Ponies and tight buns stress the scalp and cause my head to pound. But how do you stay cool, look good and avoid a throbbing head? The secret is distributing the weight of your hair throughout your head.
This means avoiding styles where the hair is held in place at one point. A pony tail will almost always cause a headache after a few hours, but a braided style will not. Remember, the key is to look for styles that distribute the weight of your hair!

Braiding isn't as hard as you think, especially with the help of the tutorials below. Just be sure to loosen up your braids so they aren't too tight. Loose and messy is the key to perfect summer hair that won't induce a headache! Be sure to avoid headbands or tight barrettes. Instead, opt for looser fitting scarves or turbans. If you really want a flash of color, consider braiding a bit of ribbon into your style. Below are some of my favorite styles to keep cool in the summer without getting a headache.

Fishtail ponies are as easy as it gets. Need help with fishtails? Check out this tutorial.

This style seemed impossible until Christina from Hair Romance figured out the key to unlocking this style for yourself.

Once you've mastered a few braids, try combining them with buns and twists to create your own looks! These styles from Hair Romance couldn't be more simple! (I could post her pics all day long. Just grab one of  her amazing books and keep them handy at all times!)

This braided bun is as easy as it gets! For the full tutorial, go here.

Sarah Potempa makes an amazing foam-covered bun maker called a Wrap Up. Available in two different sizes, this is the easiest bun on the go, ever. My first Wrap Up lasted for about 3 years before finally breaking down. Use the full size for a bun and the smaller size for a half-up 'do. They are even available in three colors, so one should match your hair.

(Quick braids and a Wrap Up and ta da! Easy, cute and won't induce headaches!)

If you must wear a pony, try using something like "The Perfect Pony", which not only gives you a thicker looking pony, it also takes a bit of the weight of the pony off of your scalp. It's not a fool-proof method, but it will keep your headache at bay longer than a pony by itself. Avoid headbands or tight barrettes. Instead, opt for looser fitting scarves or turbans.

What is your favorite way to beat the heat without inducing a headache? Share your tips with me in the comments! To make life easy, I've started a pinterest board all about headache-free hairstyles--follow me for pain-free ideas!

P.S.: My favorite way to slow down a headache is to make myself shiver. I'm not even kidding. Shivering.

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  1. One of my favorite hair tools is a hair bungee cord, which really helps get my curly hair out of my way without causing too much stress on my hair (which unfortunately, can break very easily). Hair Romance is one of my favorite sites as well!

    1. I can never quite get the hang of hair bungees. Are you supposed to hook it around your hair or around the rest of the bungee? They seem really easy, but I can never quite do it without feeling like I'm squishing my hair. I love Hair Romance. It's almost embarrassing how much I love that site.


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