Dove Ends Dry Skin With Their New DermaSeries Line

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For some of us with chronic dry skin, that tight, itchy feeling doesn't end when summer starts. While other people battle oilier skin, some of us never get relief. People with dry skin suffer year round from hot showers, ocean spray and crazy cold air conditioning.

Prescription lotions sometimes help, but I seem to remember that they may sting more than they help. It's hard to find lotions that absorb into the skin, actually hydrate and help the skin to calm down and feel better. Dove's DermaSeries is the first over-the-counter product that helps skin as much or more than prescription products. Having tried all of the products in the line, I'm in love. And if you have dry, itchy skin like mine, you will be too.

Ultra Caring Body Cleanser is like their regular Nutrium lotion on steroids (no, it doesn't contain steroids). Glycerin and natural lipids help the skin relax and feel comfortable again. Especially during those hot showers us peeps with dry skin can't seem to stop taking. If you prefer a bar version, they've got that too!

Ultra Caring Gentle Cream Face Cleanser removes makeup and dirt, without stripping away your natural oils. Your face is left dewy and fresh, without a tight feeling. That hydration stays with you for hours longer than a regular cleanser could last.

Intense Body Repairing Cream is a thick lotion that sinks into the skin, quenching the itchies and ridding the skin of its scales. This lotion also seems to inhibit hair growth a tiny bit, which is always a bonus. You'll want to use sparingly, as a little goes a long way. The only way I would love this more is if it came in a spray bottle.

Intense Repairing Rough Patch Cream is meant for thick, chapped or cracked skin. This is perfect for your elbows, heels or that little cracks that sneak up on your fingers when you are opening a jar.

All of the DermaSeries products are made in conjunction with dermatologists and definitely have the Gouldylox Dry Skin Seal of Approval. If you've got dry skin, grab these anywhere Dove products are sold.

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