Open Your Eyes: LORAC 3D Lustre/Liner

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Not long ago, I read that Drew Barrymore swears by lining her lids with black and then tracing over the edge of that line with a brighter shade. Drew swears it makes her eyes look brighter, bigger and gives them an intense sparkle. While I doubt she's specifically talking about any liner other than one from her very own Flower, LORAC has the perfect liner to get that look in one easy step.

3D Lustre/Liners offer up a multitude of looks with one liner. each liner offers two shades; one very dark or black shiny liner and a sparkling, bright pop of iridescent color. It's a quick and easy way to make your summer eyes pop the moment you remove you shades.

Available in six colors, it's hard to choose which one to start with. Line your eyes solo with the darker shade for a dramatic look. Or just use the lighter color for a sparkling nude one. Combine them for a truly gorgeous way to get noticed!

Pick them up at Ulta For $19 each.

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  1. I have most of these in the liquid lustre form, but man I still want these! I love how convenient these look!


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