NEW! Make Up For Ever Aquamatic Shadow Pencil Doesn't Budge

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Make Up For Ever is known for their pigments that stay put. The new Aquamatic Shadow Pencils are no exception. These colors, bright or light, they do not budge, fade or move once they've set. In the past, their creamy shadow pencils gave you about a minute to get everything perfect. These new Aquamatic Shadow Pencils give you a little more than five minutes to set it and forget it. You'll need an oil-based makeup remover when the time comes, so don't say you weren't warned.

Like all of their products, the colors are gorgeous. My favorites in the collection have to be Iridescent Turquoise (I-20), Iridescent Lime Green (1-30) and Metallic Golden Taupe (ME-50). The turquoise is a perfect peacock shade. Lime Green is insane but gorgeous if you've got the gumption and Metallic Golden Taupe is going to be my daily summer shade.

By the pool, water cooler or indoor mall fountain, you'll want to wear these. These are available in 10 shades for $21 at Sephora or anywhere MUFE is sold. The shades range from Iridescent to Satin to Diamond. Which is your favorite? So far, I've picked up Metallic Golden Taupe and am seriously considering Lime Green (for the girl who has everything, I certainly don't have that one).

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