Makeup Wars: A Day In The Life of A Beauty Blogger

Ever wonder what it's like to be a beauty blogger when you get ready in the morning? I'm not sure my experience is like everyone else, though. I'm not super organized (although I'm hoping my friend Holly will change that!), I wear whatever I feel like grabbing and no two days are the same. Here is what a day was like last week. I left out most of the day job stuff because I'm in a holding pattern and it's basically boring right now. Surprisingly, I didn't use as many products as I had thought I might!

7:30am: Woke up late. Again
7:40 Hit snooze.
7:45 Loxy called me from the car to make sure I'm actually out of bed.
7:47 Washed face (Body Shop), applied dry shampoo (Amika Dry Shampoo), brushed teeth. Considered calling my hair "bedhead" and just going with it.
7:52 Applied my daily skincare. Right now it's this Perricone Eye Cream, an Advanced Anti-Aging Repairing Oil and Concentrating Reconstructing Serum from Algenist, Keihl's Super Multi-Corrective Cream and CeraVe SPF.
7:55  Admitted that I don't have "cute bedhead" and opted for something fast. Turned on rollers. Sprayed hair with heat protectant from EasiHair Heat, Treat and Shine. Rolled hair in curlers, quickly.
7:57 Found something to wear that matches at least a little. And that's clean. Preferably still on a hanger.
8:00 Snuggled the dogs and check in with them for their daily plans.
8:03 Hid phones so dogs can't actually fulfill their plans.
8:05 Began makeup. Today I used Skindinavia Primer Spray, bareMinerals BareSkin Foundation, It Cosmetics BBUE in the jar. L'OREAL True Match in Tan as a contour. Mac Studio Sculpt Lash as a mascara. I sealed my face with Skindinavia Setting Spray in Anti-Aging. I just didn't feel like dealing with eyeshadow today. My lips were L'OREAL Prive J.Lo.
8:25 Removed rollers. Tousled. Sprayed with Kerastase Laquer Dentelle.
8:28 Turned off TV without the remote. Questioned if Lara Spencer has had work done on her face.
8:30 Left for work. Called The Mouth on the phone. She didn't answer, as usual.

9:05 Hoped no one notices I'm late to my day job after stopping at Dunkin for "the regular" (which isn't coffee).
9:08 Did work stuff.
10:00 Looked for inspiration on Pinterest.
10:15 Answered questions from newer Beauty Bloggers that are part of a group I help mentor.
12:00pm Met up for lunch with a girlfriend. With stranger at table next to me, discussed hair trends for ladies that have natural hair styles.
1:00 Scanned Ulta and Sephora for newness.
1:05 Pondered why PTR Rose Stem Cell stuff isn't expensive, whilst regular PTR formulas are crazy expensive. Concluded it's because plant stem cells for $45 are malarkey. Considered how Ulta is becoming the better store, if they only gave samples.
1:26 Went to meeting where no one discussed makeup.


2:32 Promised self not to buy YSL Baby Doll Kisses Lip and Cheek Tint.
3:15 Read through stacks of new press releases and pitches from beauty companies. Wondered whatever happened to that company who made the spray that stopped belly button odor.
4:00 Considered the importance of Instagram and reminded myself that I should be taking more photos.


4:01 Took selfies at coworker's desk to show new Bare Minerals foundation where the light is by far the best in the entire office.
4:03 Completely forgot that Instagram is a thing.
4:45 Went through blog and facebook comments and tried to answer as many as I can.
5:30 Left work, headed out to pick up new Kate Spade sunglasses.
6:15 Tried to hold it together when store was closed early because of staffing issues and I couldn't get sunglasses.
6:45 Got home, washed face immediately and reapplied the same skincare from this morning.
7:00 Announced I must run errands at mall on Saturday and would only be in Sephora for minutes...

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  1. I love how you did this post!! It was fun to read!

  2. LOL I love this!!!! I wish my hair looked like yours. I could spend 35 hours on it and still not be at that point.

    1. Yes you could. I don't do much to it, which I think is maybe the key? Minus the intense bleaching coming this weekend....No sulfates, I let it air dry and I use hot rollers. And I was born with a proverbial butt load of hair... I have gotten annual keratin treatments to keep the frizzies at bay, but not a straightening treatment. That really helps! :)

  3. Your routine sounds great and your day was funny to read. I'm loving your hair!

  4. I LOVE how you did this like a real diary! Such an entertaining post!

  5. You did not put LYLAS. I remember thaaaat! Girlfriend, you took me back. Welp, great minds think alike with this post. ;)

  6. Great diary entries! <3 Love the way you styled this Makeup Wars

  7. Loved this post! It was very entertaining. And good to know I'm not the only one who always has beauty on the brain!

  8. I love your format for this post!!! I felt like I was with you throughout your day! :) Great selfie, too!

  9. Cute and funny and oh so true. I just hope the people who pay you don't read this. Especially when you daydream about $40 YSL. They'll think they overpay you.

    1. Oh they are used to me day dreaming about things all of the time. One of my day jobs is to be a go-to Pop culture person for inside references. So I am going to say that thinking of makeup counts.... ;-)

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  12. Loved your beauty diary! Your hair looks awesome too :)

  13. Every time I see the Baby Doll Kisses, I want them even more!

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