Physician's Formula Shimmer Strips Custom All-in-1 Nude Palette for Face & Eyes

 Purchased by Me

I don't pick up Physician's Formula products often enough, but when each palette was $5 off with my CVS BeautyClub card, I couldn't resist picking up a few to test.

This Nude Palette for Face and Eyes reminds me of  a shoot I did with Kellie Pickler. Kellie's face is always beaming happiness and light and this palette gives you the same thing. The colors are very shiny, very reflective, but still nude enough so you look like the beautiful girl next door and not like a Kardashian.

You can wear this palette as an all over face color or pick out a few shadows to highlight and contour your eyes. The best part of this palette is how illuminating and universal it is. This is all you need on those days when you have no time to get ready or just need to freshen up quickly before hitting the pubs after work.

This is a must-buy palette, the complete opposite of the other Physician's Formula Palette I reviewed last week. These shadows are like butter.  Score one at your CVS/Pharmacy (or wherever Physician's Formula is sold). Don't forget to use your BeautyClub Card for major savings!

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  1. These are beautiful. But my 51 year old eyes can't handle shimmer much anymore. Which makes me sad.

  2. I'm that age and they look great! Try them don't think you'll regret it!


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