New! Pardon My French Set by Too Faced: Rehabbed or Better Than Ever?

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I'm still palette obsessed. Last week, I picked up the Pardon My French Kit by Too Faced, which contains an adorable makeup bag, a mini primer, mini Lash Injection Mascara, a black liner and the Bon Jour Palette.

This appears to be the third time Too Faced has released a VERY SIMILAR palette. The difference is usually one or two shadows.

The palette above is the Bon Jour Summer Palette from this year. It's quite different from the original, back in 2012. Or is it?

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The above palette was released in 2012 as the Summer Eye Palette. In 2013, Too Faced released a newer version of their Summer Eye Palette, as shown below. The colors are very similar.

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In 2014, the Bon Jour palette is basically the same, with a few changes. I love the color Firefly and never had the others, so I picked it up.

To me, it looks like shadows get slightly tweaked and stick with the same name. Firefly was the shade that sold me. It's a gorgeous bright copper.

While I wish the colors were more original and not a rehash, I still love it. Even when Too Faced slips a little, I still love them more than almost any other brand. Based on the photos and my memory of the palette last year, Plumeria is a different shade, as is Toasted Coconut. Sunbeam is slightly more of a matte shade than last year as well. There is a touch of sparkle in Sunbeam, but it looks different than last year.  New this year are Firefly and Sand Dollar.

Picking up or passing? You do get the cute bag, a liner, mascara and mini primer for under $50. What do you think? Tell me in the comments!

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  1. I'm always sold by the Too Faced packaging! I think i'll be skipping this but I really want to pick up their bronzer palette. Have you seen it?

    Would love for you to check my blog


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