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Sephora has been revamping their eyeshadows as long as I've been shopping there. And with each reincarnation, they get better and better. Recently added to the collection are the Sephora Collection Luster Mattes. These five shadows are satin in their finish, as if born from a matte father and a lustrous mother.

I picked up three of them to play with, which are a highlighter color, a crease color and a peachy color that I also intend to use as a blush.

The highlight and the crease color remind me quite a bit of one of Too Faced's earlier palettes, the Xxpalette. However, there is no true shine to these colors. They lay on the skin like a matte shadow, but have the smallest amount of sheen.

Swan Song, the highlight color, is barely a whitish nude. This is excellent for a tiny hint of shimmer under the eyes, especially if you don't want to look like you are wearing any makeup. It's really hard to show on camera, but in person, it's quite uniquely understated.

Malted Milkshake, the color I picked up as a nude crease color reminds me of a suede-like taupe. It's brown, it's grey, it's purple. It's a little bit of everything and looks fantastic as the crease color for a boudoir cat eye. For a naked look, it's a perfect shade.

Finally, I picked up a bright peachy shade, Soft Orange. This shade is quite bright for a's a little unusual that way. This color reminds me of Kim Greene, one of the makeup artists on my favorite comedy show, The Goldbergs. The mom wears a peachy shade as a throw back to the eye shadow colors I was obsessed with as kid (who watched too many soap operas). Combine this shade with a purple to really bring out blue or green eyes. Although honestly, I'm not sure this color combo would look bad on anyone.

Each shade retails for $13. While it's not cheap by drugstore standards, it's really reasonable for Sephora. I kind of love them.

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  1. luster mattes.... that's a pretty interesting title! I haven't read any other posts about this product! Thanks for introducing me to it :)


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