Lipstick League: Green Lips, Lips That Peel Off and Lips Fit For A Queen

Question of the Week: If you could splurge on one luxury beauty treatment (think facial, salon visit, massage etc.), what would it be? Right now, I could use some kind of laser beautifying treatment. Or some kind of magical massage that actually removes fat. Or an hour long scalp massage. After two weeks of cluster headaches and a migraine for THREE days (and counting!), a scalp massage would be amazing. Other than shivering, which is my magical way to reign in a migraine, any other tips? 

  Nouveau Cheap - Mint green, gray and blue lipsticks? Don’t say no until you see my swatches of the brand new NYX Macaron Lippies (you might just change your mind!).

  Pink Sith - Explains how the NARS Contour Blush in Olympia makes her feel more like a supermodel than a Sith!

  Prime Beauty - has found a way to keep her colored tresses looking bright and shiny and she's sharing her favorite hair color preserving products with you!

  Phyrra - brings you the Best Vegan Foundations!

  we heart this - check out our current crushes, including a lipstick inspired by Marie Antoinette and the court of Versailles.

  Chalkboard Nails shows you how to turn your nails into jewels with a step-by-step nail art tutorial!

  EauMG - here’s a perfume that smells so good that it made Victoria forget that the packaging looks like it is meant to be sold to six year old girls...

  Gouldylox Reviews - A beauty blogger talking about shoes? These are so good you need to grab at least one pair. Plus, I've got a giveaway!

  Lipglossiping - enjoys watching the rainbows flicker across her nails with the addition of A-England’s Ascalon nail polish to her collection

  My Beauty Bunny - shares her newest obsession - City Lips Sangria lip plumper!

  Guest Post of the Week, as chosen by Nouveau Cheap - What do you get when you combine beautiful photography and Japanese beauty products? Allow me to introduce you one of my blog obsessions: The Beauty Maniac in Tokyo, written by the lovely Nicole. Click here to marvel at things like Japanese Peel-Off Lipstains and many more treasures from the East (and West).
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  1. A Devachan haircut. I had one done as a graduation present to myself and it is hands down THE BEST haircut I've ever gotten.


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