Kat Von D Monarch Palette

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I love Kat Von D shadow palettes (and her foundation). Sure, they are just Sephora shadows, but the formula is fantastic. I'm told that Sephora manufactures products based on feedback they receive from the stores, so someone is doing something right.

Her palettes are beautiful, her color selection is all Kat and the prices are great.

She's recently released two palettes, a warm one called Monarch and a cool-toned palette, Chrysalis. I'll link to my Chrysalis review, but for now, let's look at Monarch.

Monarch contains fifteen beautiful shadows, in groupings that make it easy. Each group is a little left of center, just like Kat. The pigments are triple-milled and include PowerLast technology that helps powders last all day. I don't know what kind of sorcery that is, but it definitely works. The shadows also contain vitamins A, C and E to help keep lids hydrated.

I don't know why a shadow needs vitamin C, but they do wear really well, even without a primer.

These shades glide on the skin like satin and blend perfectly. I love them. If you want to experiment with some warm colors that you probably don't have, this is the palette to try.

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