Hey Ladies! You're Wearing the Wrong Size Bra!

I recently helped long time amiga The Mouth at an After Prom Party. While I'm entirely too old to be watching people party at 3am, the photo booth made it worthwhile.

What did we find ourselves chatting about? How to find the right bra size, obviously! So many people just don't know what an improvement wearing the correct size can make. It's clearly not something they teach in schools, but maybe it should be.

So since someone has to be the one to tell you, it's going to be me. Your bra doesn't fit and it's making you look weird.

Well, maybe not you. But most of your friends are wearing the wrong size. Scientists say that 80% of us are wearing the wrong size bra. How do you know if it's actually wrong? Ask yourself the following questions:

Does your bra strap ride up in the back? It's too loose. Try going down a size.

Does the middle part of your bra (the center gore) NOT touch your sternum, or at least go between your breasts? The gore should touch your sternum, the mark of a perfect fit..

Does your bra leave red marks around your torso? It's too tight.

Are your bra cups wrinkling? The cup size is too large.

Does the underwire touch breast tissue? Does your breast hang out of the bottom of the cup? The cup size is too small.

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If you said yes to any of the above questions, you need to see a pro for a fitting. Don't be scared. I've been a million times. Leave your nerves at home. They've seen it all before and your breasts are not magnificently different from anyone else's.

Here's how it will go:

You: Hi! I need some help finding the right size bra.

Sales associate: I'd be happy to help you. Step into a changing room and I'll be right in.

You: Thanks!

You walk into a changing room and take off your top and your bra. Then you wait.

Oh yeah! Don't worry about being fat/skinny/not made up/not wearing a nice bra already. They don't care.

The SA is going to come in and touch you with cold hands. She will apologize. Then she will measure around your torso. She will get you some bras to try on, at least three "just to get you started", and help you with these first few options. Let's get back to the scenario...

You take the first bra and put it around your shoulders.

The SA will correct you on how you are positioning your breasts into the bra. She'll either ask you to reach in and place them in the cups, or grab them and do it for you. This is normal.

You will feel weird about this. That is ok.

She will ask you to bend forward and re-position your breasts. She will use her slightly warm hands to fasten and adjust the bra. Then she will declare the first several bras the wrong size and go and grab more.

You'll continue to try them on until one fits properly. You'll probably shriek with joy and the sales associate will most likely ask someone else to come and look how amazing this brand of bra looks on you (I don't know why, but this always happens to me).

The SA will then ask you to try on a few more just to be sure.

You will do as asked.

Then you'll make a decision and purchase your new bras. You'll look 10 pounds lighter, your posture will improve and you'll look like you've had a lift. Congratulations! You did it!

It's important that you wear the right undergarments, and not just so you don't make others wince* when they see you flopping around. A bra that doesn't support you properly can cause additional sagging, disallow proper lymph drainage and change your posture for the worse. It can also cause your back to hurt, your shoulders to dip and you can experience actual pain. The right bra will instantly make you look slimmer and all of your clothes will look magnificent.

One more thing. Please do not get fitted at a store where they keep secrets in some girl's closet. They will fit you for their bras and not always fit you true to size. Trust me. In the Closet of Secrets, they always try to tell me I'm a DD. In real life, I'm a GG. Yeah. That's a real size. A really big size. But tops of my cups do not overflow and I don't have any "side meat" spilling out.

My bras are more like architecture. They need to be to hold up that much breast. With the right bra, they are lifted, perky and even make my waist look smaller. In other words, the right bra makes my breasts kick-ass.

You should also know that sizes can be tricky. You may be a 36C in one brand and a 34D in another. It's all about finding the magical ratio between the band and cup size. Can someone small be a D? Absolutely. It's all about the ratio!

You no longer have a reason to be afraid. You know what to expect and you know what to look for. Get fitted and feel better today!

Have you been fitted? What was your experience like? How did you feel afterwards?

* I should note that you shouldn't care what other people think. But if you ever care about how your body looks in clothes, this is one of the most important steps to looking flawless.

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  1. Your first point is incorrect. If your band is riding up in back, it's because it's too big. Try going down a band size (and possibly up a cup size). And I second the advice to stay out of Closets. If you have a small band size and a large cup size, try British and European brands; they have much larger size ranges and you're more likely to get a correct fit. U.S. companies don't even make bras in my size (30GG).

  2. You are totally correct! I had it reversed (about the band going up your back) and I've made the edit. Thank you!!! I will have to seek out a Euro brand...I have a hard time finding bras that fit me as well!

    1. I've had great luck with Freya, Fantasie, and Panache. Panache's cheaper line Cleo is hit or miss with me, but might be worth a look.


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