Fab Five Friday: Masks, Brushes, Lippies, Palettes and More!

I feel like it's been a slow beauty week but it can't be, since every time I go into a store, there is something new to check out. This week has been a little crazy for me, between Karma Dogs and a rough dentist appointment. I haven't had as much time as I would prefer to look for newness to share. As always, some of these might get a full review later, but all are worth checking out!

Perfective Ceuticals Divine Brightening Mask is a cloth mask that you wear for at least 30 minutes and claims to infuse skin with Hydrolyzed Collagen, which can hold moisture 1000x its weight.With seven more proven brightening ingredients, this mask can allegedly brighten skin, reduce wrinkles, plump your face and give you a dewy glow. I tried one mask and I definitely saw a little plumping and line reducing, albeit temporarily. My skin did feel refreshed afterwards, as if I had just left the salon.

Too Faced's new Melted Liquefied Long Wear Lipsticks are exactly that: melted lipsticks, in a tube with a precise applicator for easy use. They hit the shelves in my stores this week and are gorgeous. I can't really decide if they are glossy, though, as you need to wear a lot to get a gloss. If you like a satin finish that wears forever, pick them up. I say go for bold and try a color you never would, like Melted Fuchsia. I picked up Peony and Fuchsia (two colors I never thought would work on me) and I love them. I'll have swatches and all details soon!

I had to pick up the new Kat Von D Monarch Palette because I can't seem to go a week without picking up a new palette. I loved the colors in this one. They are a little on the non-traditional side and I love the textures. More details coming next week. In the meantime, grab it while you can!


I know was talking about Roux's Anti-Aging line last week and I still love it. The conditioner doesn't quite hit a home run for me, but the Porosity Control and Corrector Conditioner (along with the Anti-Aging Shampoo) is giving me incredible volume. I have to assume that's because it's filling in the micro-gaps in my hair (from the bleach) and making my tresses act nicely again. If you have processed hair, you need to try it. My hair has never had this much volume that STAYS all day without any heat styling. If your hair is really dry, boost this conditioner with a bit of hair oil, like Darshana.

Elaina Badro just released her own line of brushes, which is getting rave reviews from singers like Carrie Underwood and Miley Cyrus, as well as the cast of Pretty Little Liars. And I totally agree! The brushes don't shed, grab the right amount of pigment and can easily help create the perfect look! Brushes are available individually or snag her six essential brushes for $113 (not all brushes are shown above).

Finally, this little wonder should be in your arsenal at all times. UnMarx removes deodorant marks, dried dirt or food and picks up lint and hair from your clothes. You don't need any water and it's small enough to go anywhere. Plus it fits around the hand comfortably, so you can instantly make clothes look beautifully refreshed! Available in a variety of colors for $10 each, you'll want to take one with you whenever you travel (or just go to work).

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  1. Hi Kelly. Looking forward to your review of the Too Faced Melted. I'm intrigued by the product but I have to say, the swatches I've seen so far are not encouraging. Your poor lips look like they are crying for moisture in your pic above which is a big red flag for me because your lip pics are always so awesome. I've always envied you for your lips, they are beautifully shaped and the perfect size. But this lippie is not doing any favors. And please, please, please, don't take that the wrong way. I'm convinced it's the product and not your lip.


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