Dove's New Purely Pampering Body Wash With Pistachio Cream and Magnolia

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Stop what you are doing. Right now. Recently, I told you about Dove's new Creme Mousse Body Wash. It's great. I really, really liked it. Then I tried the new Purely Pampering Body Wash with Pistachio Cream with Magnolia .

 Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Stop the clock. This is amazing in a revolutionary way. I have very dry skin and I basically don't need a moisturizer when I get out of the shower. I just don't. This ultra hydration is no doubt due to the Nutrium Moisture and Pistachio Cream, blended together into the perfect body wash. I've never felt anything so hydrating. No other body wash on the planet comes close (there may be a few I haven't tried but, so far, Dove's PPBWPC&M is leading the way in awesome).

I'm a little gobsmacked still, as I try to write this. It's. So. Good. When I first used this, I remember getting out of the shower, my mouth slack. I couldn't stop touching my arms. Or my legs. A friend picked it up when she couldn't find the Dove Creme Mousse and said she was actually looking forward to using it again because it was such a fantastic experience. It even left me feeling a little sexy. My skin felt so amazing. I've been sitting at my desk wondering if I have time to shower before dinner tonight, because I want to use the body wash again. That's never happened with any other body wash. I'm beyond smitten.

This body wash is scented with a touch of magnolia and pistachio...a little bit floral and a little bit sweet. It's a sweet blend of different oils along with the Dove's Nutrium moisture and it's amazing. This is one of those products where I would offer to buy it for you if I was made of money. But since I'm not, check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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  1. I finally found this today at my drugstore here in Israel and immediately thought of you and this post you wrote way back when! I immediately snatched up two bottles!


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